Crouching Tuna joins Method

Crouching Tuna joins Method

Please give a warm welcome to the newest addition to the Method stream team, Path of Exile streamer, Crouching Tuna.

Crouching Tuna has been streaming professionally for three years. He challenged himself early in his career by streaming every single day for an entire year. Since becoming a full-time streamer, Crouching Tuna has become known for achieving multiple Rank 1 solo and group pushes, and has built an amazing community from focusing on educational content surrounding Path of Exile.

When asked why he was interested in joining Method, he said:

“I was really keen on joining Method firstly as I was a fan since Mist of Pandaria. I used to play WoW as my main game since Burning Crusade, and was always a fan of the high end raiding scene and the amount of effort and preparation Method put into it. It makes me excited for the future of PoE as I'm very much looking forward to seeing how Method chooses to expand into it and what is in plan for the PoE section.”

You can check our Crouching Tuna and his amazing community over at, and follow him on Twitter at @TunaCrouching.

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