Bans for Real-money Raid Clears

Bans for Real-money Raid Clears

Blizzard have clamped down on real-money raid and dungeon clear sales, specifically calling out players in top guilds and handing out bans. It seems it was mostly US and Russian top guilds affected so far (but not Exorsus), and the account actions range from 8 day suspensions to permanent account closures, and they've affected both players participating in these sell runs as well as those that advertised them.

Blizzard also make sure to mention the other big no-no top guilds have been accused of in the past, account sharing, as something that will be policed more consistently, making this a clear warning that they intend to take these types of offences more seriously.

They also make sure to mention that using gold for these same practices is fine. In case you were wondering specifically, no Method players have been affected.

Check out the full post:

We’ve recently taken action against a number of accounts that were actively participating in and/or advertising the sale of in-game raid or dungeon clears in exchange for real-world currency. Such behavior is a clear violation of the World of Warcraft Terms of Use.

Of the players affected, many were members of top raiding guilds. We want to be clear that everyone we’ve taken action against had illustrated full knowledge and intent to violate the Terms of Use. Going forward, in order to ensure fair play and competitive integrity, we’ll be monitoring these activities much more closely in order to make sure that the rules are being followed. This includes selling services for real money, account-sharing, and other violations.

Note that while selling assistance with obtaining items, achievements, PvP rating, or other in-game benefits for real-world currency is against the Terms of Use, selling those things in exchange for in-game gold is perfectly legitimate. Players should not feel as though participating in a “gold run” is going to result in negative action taken against their account.

If you see people advertising these services, please help us keep the game clean by reporting them. If you’re unsure, here are some common warning signs:

A “broker” is offering to match buyers with service-providers. Commonly, a broker will collect real-world currency from a buyer while offering gold to a guild or group that will actually provide the service.

Someone offering a service is unwilling to discuss terms of payment via in-game tells, and insists on using a non-Blizzard application to communicate.

Also note that Patch 7.2 includes some improvements to our reporting features to add clearer categories for reporting listings in the Premade Group Finder. We’re disappointed to see members of the raiding community participating in behaviors that clearly violate the Terms of Use, and want to be clear that such activities will not be tolerated.

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