Baker joins Method

Baker joins Method

The latest Path of Exile League just started which means Method is proud to bring even more PoE to our stream team! Baker is here to conquer that content and chase bosses alongside his open-minded, laid back and fun community!

Baker started his gaming journey during the early Quake 3 days, playing for teams and attending events like France’s ESWC and ECG for the Austrain National team. He began streaming even more in 2012 and 2013, attaining partner status in just a few months before taking a break to study medicine. He returned in 2019 to learn and master all the new PoE content and after growing his community throughout 2020, he was able to transition to streaming full-time!

Baker may love FPS games but his passion has always been in the ARPG genre (especially Diablo II!) which is why when Path of Exile went into open beta in 2013, Baker dedicated his time to writing community build and mechanics guides and going for the World First Level 100 Hardcore Character.

When asked why he joined Method, Baker shared:

Joining Method means more opportunities for my community and myself because it’s about being part of a team. I’ve considered myself a team player since my semi-professional Quake 3 days and have been looking forward to being part of an organisation again, especially one where I can share my PoE and general ARPG knowledge and help create big community events.

Check out his stream at and follow him at @bakerYEP!

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