Arlaeus joins Method

Arlaeus joins Method

The Burning Crusade Classic is upon us so it’s only fitting we welcome veteran World of Warcraft player, Arlaeus!

Arlaeus has been playing World of Warcraft since Vanilla and has always found enjoyment in leveling and raiding, but has a true passion for high-rated PvP. He started streaming in 2014 and started streaming full-time at the beginning of the new year. He played competitively at the highest levels as a Paladin and Warlock throughout several Arena seasons.

Once Classic WoW was released, Arlaeus decided to jump back into the Classic World of Warcraft scene. He became enthralled with pushing past game limits and wanted to optimise strategies on how the game was originally played, such as leveling. Arlaeus has set several World Records in both solo and assisted leveling categories. 

When asked why he wanted to join Method, Arlaeus said:

“I’ve been playing WoW since I was 11 years old. I remember watching Method compete in the World First tournaments, especially the Jaina race back in 2019. It was awesome to watch, and I got hooked on the competition and the raw excitement the team had when they pulled it off. I’ve been holding out on joining an org that I think is a true advocate for WoW and one my stream can appreciate and get behind, so when I heard from Method I was incredibly excited to have an organisation that has such a solid foundation and history in WoW.”

Arlaeus streams one pulling dungeons, speed leveling and world record leveling challenges. Be sure to check him out at and follow him at @arlaeus.

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