Another Summer Cup Win for Method Black!

Another Summer Cup Win for Method Black!

The third EU summer cup finished up today and our own @Method_Raiku, @_Swapxy , @MethodChas & @Method_Whaazz aka Method Black cleaned up! After their earlier win in EU cup #1 and a grand final appearance in cup #2, they met up with the very team that took them down in cup #2, Ascendant, and after an exciting 6 games took home the $5,000 grand prize as well as another 180 championship points. They only games lost in this cup were to Ascendant themselves and after a 0-3 match loss against them in the final bracket, they came back to the grad final and took Ascendant down 4-2.

With the two cup wins and a second place, the team is now well in the lead in the EU standings and will almost certainly be heading to BlizzCon later this year. And now let's hear from the player themselves, after an amazing performance:

You can check out a VoD of the grand final below, or check out more of the cup here.

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