Announcing: The Dragonflight Race to World First Level 70

Announcing: The Dragonflight Race to World First Level 70

The Dragon Isles have emerged from their shroud and the bells of adventure are sounding once again. Method is thrilled to announce our World of Warcraft: Dragonflight launch event, the Race to World First Level 70. Take flight and join us as we paint the skies in blue and red, November 28th at 10:30pm CET on!

The Race to World First Level 70 Event

Our Race to World First event follows the perspective of many World of Warcraft content creators as they embark on their expedition to the Dragon Isles and start their journey to individually reach max level as quickly as possible in the new expansion, Dragonflight. 

Throughout the event you’ll be joined by four talented hosts you may recognize from the World of Warcraft community; Krista, Grant, Korimae and Kexman. Equipped with best in slot gear provided by HyperX, our casters will accompany you as players set ashore on the Dragon Isles and embark on their journey to reach level 70! 

Partnership with HyperX & Kingston FURY

Method recently became partners with HyperX and Kingston FURY.

Read more about our team partnerships:

Who will be featured?

Our Race to World First 70 coverage features several different points of views as the streamers make a dash to reach max level in the new expansion, Dragonflight! 

Player Link
Buckblind buckblind
Drjayfisto drjayfisto
Nate qt_nate
Permok Permok
Scorpius_Ent scorpius_ent
Shiekrunner Shiekrunner
Aesthr aesversatile7286
Chaoswithin chaoswithinx
Lezzemos Lezzemos
CrixVibez crixvibez
Cruella cruelladk
Danwarr dan_warr
Outofmelk outofmelk
Thyrah mrroguery
Aprikitkat aprikitkat
Kwepp kwepp
Sarthe sarthe
Speed vspeed
tactics_lol tactics_lol
Desiheat desiheat
Nurseos nurseos
Frostadamus frostadamus
Sjele sjeletyven1
Stove stovepov
Voci voci
Andybrew andybrew3
Duranasaur duranasaur
Faithy byfaithy
Fragnance fragnance
Guzu Guzu
Huntoper huntooper
Jax jax_dl
Kalieyn kalieyn
Kina kina_1
Kobeblackmamba kobeblackmamba
Lontar lontartv
Roiben roiben_
Tokaine padkaine
tommysalamiwow tommysalamiwow
wexi wexixd
RageDarling ragedarling
Azamous azamous
Abbadon abbadon
kargozgaming kargozgaming
Winky winky
WarcraftThor warcraftthor
Yamanlol yamanlol

When is the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Global Release?

The Dragonflight expansion is globally released on Monday the 28th at 11pm GMT, see the image below for more timezones.

dragonflight expansion global release times

When will the event be broadcast?

The Method Twitch channel is set to go live at 10:30pm CET on Monday the 28th of November, 2 hours before the official launch of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Remember to follow our socials to stay and to date with our coming events.

We hope to see you there!

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