Announcing The Arrival Of #MethodH1Z1

Announcing The Arrival Of #MethodH1Z1

The Method family is expanding once again, as we welcome our first H1Z1 squad. The Method squad is anchored by team captain David "Melander" Melander, and will make their debut in his home country of Sweden at the H1Z1 Elite Series Dreamhack Winter Tournament in Jönköping from 1 Dec - 4 Dec. The DHW tournament features a $250,000 prize pool.

We are thrilled to welcome Melander, OliverGC, Ritz, Riddarn, and SPKB into the Method family. These guys have been doing great things in the competitive H1Z1 scene and have proven themselves to be a very competent group of players. We at Method are excited about the current developments in the H1Z1 pro scene and look forward to what the future holds! - Method team founder and co-owner Scott “Sco” McMillan

David "Melander" Melander

Four time RevengeEU fives winner, Showdown 2017 top 16 finisher.

Really hyped to join Method and be able to play under their name!

Oliver "OliverGC" Curry

Two time RevengeEU fives Winner, five time RevengeEU solo winner, Showdown 2017 qualifier.

I'm very excited to play under the Method banner, can't wait to see the future of the team.

Gustav "Riddarn" Stråle

Four time RevengeEU fives winner.

I'm extremely happy to be able to represent a legendary org such as Method. We will do our best to become one of the top H1Z1 teams out there.

Jimmy "Ritz" Christensen

RevengeEU and ChampionsArena player.

I'm very excited to be representing Method and thankful for this opportunity.

Alexander "SPKB" Petersen

Two time RevengeEU fives winner, Showdown 2017 qualifier.

I'm really happy to be a part of Method, aiming to be one of the best H1Z1 teams.

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