Announcing Race to World First: Wrath of the Lich King Classic Level 80

Announcing Race to World First: Wrath of the Lich King Classic Level 80

The time has come for us to once again set sail towards Northrend, the continent where many World of Warcraft players started their journey. Method is proud to announce our Wrath of the Lich King Classic launch event, the Race to World First Level 80!

The coverage on will feature many renowned speed levelers as well as familiar personalities, hosts and players in the World of Warcraft community.

Join us in celebrating the return of the Lich King for the RWF Level 80 at 10pm CEST on Monday the 26th of September!

The Race to World First Level 80 event

This Race to World First event will follow the perspective of many different streamers as they embark on their journey to reach max level individually as fast as possible in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

Classic WoW content creator, Kargoz, highlights four levelling strategies the competitors may use to level as efficient as possible:

  • Dungeon Cleave - A dungeon group specialised for either Spell Damage Synergy (Spellcleave) or Physical Damage Synergy (Melee Cleave) to min-max combat efficiency.
  • Open World Questing - Usually done solo or as a duo. Players who choose this method will most likely start in Dragonblight at 71 after turning in pre-quests in order to get ahead of the pack.
  • Solo Dungeoning - Players doing this strategy will solo X amount of trash mobs before resetting the instance whilst monitoring their hourly lockouts.
  • Group Mob Tagging - A strategy where the player tags a group of mobs and deals damage up to a certain threshold before their helpers kill the mobs without being in a party, granting the player who tagged the mobs a lion's share of the experience.

Who will be featured?

Some of the players who will be featured in our Race to World First Level 80 event are LMGD, MrGM, Frostadamus, Nahj, Desiheat, Jokerd, Tactics, Tommysalami, Salvdali, Laty, Esquire and more!

During the event you will also be accompanied by a few lovely hosts that you may recognize from the World of Warcraft community, including Grant, Kexman, WillE, Aprikat, Crix, Winky and Sarthe.

Partnership with HyperX and

Read about us partnering with HyperX for the Race to World First Level 80 event:

Read about us partnering with for the Race to World First Level 80 event:

Enter our Giveaway 

Be in with a chance to win some awesome loot from HyperX, and Warcraft by entering our giveaway before October 3rd at 9am CEST:

When will the event be broadcasted?

The Method Twitch channel will go live at 10pm CEST on Monday the 26th of September, two hours before Northrend becomes available to players across the world at 12am CEST. We hope to see you there! 

Classic Lead Dev Interview with Brian Birmingham

During our Race to World First Level 80 pre-show we have been given the opportunity to speak with WoW Classic Lead, Brian Birmingham to ask some burning questions about Wrath of the Lich King Classic and the future of Classic WoW!

If you missed the interview live, the segment has been uploaded to the Method YouTube channel.

Who achieved World First Level 80 on Wrath of the Lich King Classic?

Noawh hit Level 80 World First after 8 hours 52 minutes, playing a Blood Elf Paladin.

All our current Point of Views being shown in the Race to World First Level 80

Player Link
Chuch churchvibes
Jokerd JokerdTV
Tactics tactics_lol
Tommysalami tommysalamiwow
Abide AbideTBC
Crix CrixVibez
Dali SalvDali
Danwarr dan_warr
Duranasaur Duranasaur
Esquire therealEsquire
GuideMMO GuideMMO
Laty laty1337
Thaner thanertv
Yam Yamanlol
Zarant zarant
Aprikat Aprikitkat
Cayna cayna
Gordonramsey GordanRamseyGaming
Graysfordays Graysfordays
Joardee Joardee
Kargoz kargozgaming
Psybear Psybear_tv
Sarthe Sarthe
Shiekrunner Shiekrunner
Winky Winky
Ahlaundoh ahlaundoh
Frostadamus Frostadamus
Guzu Guzu
Nahj nahj
Savix savix
Sjele sjeletyven
Tetsu Tetsu
Tokaine padkaine
Desiheat DesiHeat
Rage Darling RageDarling
WarcraftThor warcraftthor
WillE WillEmmo
NOHITJEROME nohitjerome

Community Team Challenge

Are you a member of Method’s Community Team? Are you streaming at WotLK Launch? Submit your information for a chance to see your point of view live on the broadcast! At least one community member will join the pool of influencers taking part in this event.

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