The Azure Vault Mythic+ Dungeon Guide

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Last Updated: 21st Apr, 2024


Hey everyone, and welcome to the Azure Vault M+ guide for season 4 of Dragonflight! In this guide I’ll be covering the abilities of all the trash mobs and bosses throughout the dungeon, as well as how I recommend you deal with them. I will also be including a recommended, PUG friendly route via the Mythic Dungeon Tools addon for anyone interested.

A bit about me, my name is Tactyks and I am an avid M+ player, achieving every 0.1% M+ title that has existed as well as competing in The Great Push in season 4 of Shadowlands. I also create M+ and Raid guide content on my YouTube and Twitch channels, so be sure to stop by and say hi!

If you are using the Mythic Dungeon Tools addon, you can import the recommended route using the following link:

Video Guide

Leymor Trash

  • If someone aggros this mob it will cast Shriek, awakening any nearby Crystal Fury or Crystal Thrasher mobs trapped in stone
  • Tanks point the Piercing Shards frontal away from the group, use a CC to stop the cast or Line of Sight to avoid the damage
  • Purge or use a spare CC to stop the Arcane Fury buff
  • Make sure to interrupt or use a CC to stop every cast of Mystic Vapors, if a cast does go off you can use a magic dispel to remove the DoT
  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Interrupt the Erratic Growth cast, if one goes through you can use a magic dispel to remove the stun
  • Avoid the swirlies and puddles spawned by Wild Eruption
  • Move out of the 7yd Sappy Burst AoE these mobs cast on death

Leymor Boss Fight

Tanks use a defensive for the Infused Strike debuff and try to hit as many Ley-Line Sprouts as you can with the Erupting Fissure frontal, making sure to get aggro on any Volatile Sapling mobs that spawn from this. I recommend tanking the boss slightly off-centre, then facing this frontal through the spawns in the middle of the room towards one of the edges.

Melee back away from the boss to avoid the initial hit of Explosive Brand, then spread out as a party to try and cleave any remaining Ley-Line Sprouts with the 15yd explosion around each player.

Use a personal for the Consuming Stomp hit, especially if there are any Ley-Line Sprouts still remaining.

Azureblade Trash

  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Move out of the 15yd Crystalline Rupture AoE
  • Waking Bane targets a random player, stop the cast by using an interrupt or CC, if one goes through use a magic dispel to remove the sleep
  • Use an interrupt or CC to prevent the Icy Bindings cast
  • Condensed Frost targets the tank, use any spare interrupts or CC on this cast
  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Avoid swirlies spawned by Forbidden Knowledge
  • Heavy Tome targets the tank, use a defensive if needed but this isn’t too scary
  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Tanks point the Arcane Bash frontal away from the group and sidestep out of the effect
  • Purge the Conjured Barrier magic absorb
  • Ice Cutter targets the tank, use any spare CCs to stop this cast or a defensive if needed
  • Purge the Brilliant Scales magic damage reduction
  • Avoid the swirlies spawned by Unstable Power or use a CC to stop the cast
  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Be aware of the Mage Hunter’s Fervor aura which will drastically increase tank damage intake when pulling this mob
  • Tanks point the Spellfrost Breath frontal away from the group and use a defensive or outrange the effect
  • Ice Cutter targets the tank, use a defensive if needed
  • Purge the Brilliant Scales magic damage reduction

Azureblade Boss Fight

Tanks point the Arcane Cleave away from the group and use a defensive or outrange the effect.

Everyone avoid the random target Ancient Orb line attack.

Interrupt and cleave down or hard CC the Draconic Images that spawn. If you are cleaving them down be sure to drag the boss near them for more effective cleave. Note that when these mobs die you’ll need to avoid the Unstable Magic swirlies that spawn.

At 0 energy the boss runs to the centre of the room and casts Overwhelming Energy. Focus down the 4 Draconic Illusion mobs that spawn while dodging Ancient Orb Fragments that shoot out from the boss to return to the boss phase.

Telash Greywing Trash

  • Shoulder Slam targets a random player, use a defensive and stay away from other players
  • Heal through the party damage from Bestial Roar, if possible outrange the 30yd hit
  • Tear Flesh targets the tank and applies a stacking bleed, use a CC to stop casts and kite or use a bleed cleanse to clear stacks
  • Null Stomp targets a random player, avoid the swirly it spawns or use a CC to stop the cast

Telash Greywing Boss Fight

Loosely spread out to avoid cleaving your party with the Frost Bomb explosions and try not to cut anyone off with the puddle this leaves behind, which lasts for over 2 minutes. I recommend dropping your first set of puddles just before the Vault Rune the boss starts near, and then rotating clockwise around the room.

Move away from other players if targeted by the Icy Devastator channel. Note that you can use combat drops like Vanish, Feign Death, and Shadowmeld to stop the Icy Devastator cast entirely.

At full energy the boss will go immune and cast Absolute Zero, make sure you step into an active Vault Rune for the 50% damage reduction it provides. Once used these runes take over 2 minutes to regenerate, so you’ll need to use all 3 on the platform before the first one is available again.

Umbrelskul Boss Fight

Tanks use a defensive for the dangerous Dragon Strike hit.

Healers make sure to dispel the tank after Dragon Strike goes out.

At 100 energy the boss will spawn 4 Crackling Vortexes which randomly patrol nearby, be sure to avoid these orbs as they deal very high damage! If you start to run out of space after multiple spawns of these vortexes you can always rotate to a different part of the room, outside their patrol range.

Crystalline Roar is a line attack fired at a random player, make sure everyone sidesteps this.

Occasionally the boss will do a big party hit and knockback in Unleashed Destruction, use a defensive if needed here and make sure you don’t get pushed into a Crackling Vortex.

At 75%, 50%, and 25% health the boss will spawn 5 Detonating Crystals that you need to kill before they complete their Fracture cast. One of these crystals will be hardened and have Crystallize on them, giving them an absorb shield that pulses for party damage while it remains, so focus this one down first. Tanking the boss near an edge of the arena can help to cause these crystals to spawn closer together, making them easier to cleave.

The Azure Vault Mythic+ Dungeon Route

If you are using the Mythic Dungeon Tools addon, you can import this route using the following string:
Import MDT Route

To start the dungeon you’ll want to trigger the Shrieking Whelp cast in the first room to allow you to fight the Crystal Fury mobs, which you’ll pull along with all the Conjured Lashers in the room and AoE everything down with your first bloodlust. Moving forward you’ll want to avoid any Whelps until after the first boss, so be sure to pull any Lashers away from them so you don’t accidentally aggro any. Clear your way towards the balcony overlooking the first boss and jump down, rounding up all 3 Arcane Tender mobs which will spawn the boss on their death.

Once Leymor is defeated, make your way down the path to another set of Shrieking Whelps which you want to trigger, then when that pack is defeated use the book to travel onto the top ring before Azureblades room. After defeating the pack and patrol on the left side of the ring, make your way towards the edge near the balcony of Azureblades room and jump from the top platform down towards it, using things like Slowfall, Levitate, immunities, leaps, or any of the parasol toys to survive the fall. Worst case anyone who cannot survive the fall to the platform can be resurrected, just make sure you have enough speed when jumping to actually reach the balcony!

After jumping down you can use the nearby book to go to the lower ring and do 1 pull before heading back into Azureblades room, where you just chain pull around the room as much as your tank is comfortable, just be careful if you have any pet classes that they don’t pull the boss! Once Azureblade is defeated head down towards the Lower Chamber, being careful to only pull 1 Drakonid Breaker at a time.

When you get to the final balcony before Telash Greywing, have your tank pull the 2 Breakers guarding the teleportation book to one side of the platform, while the rest of your party sneaks by on the other side of the platform, staying out of combat so they can take the book to Telash’s platform. Once they are safe you can have your tank die and mass resurrect them. From there you just have 2 bosses back to back and you’re done!