Brackenhide Hollow Mythic+ Dungeon Guide

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Last Updated: 21st Apr, 2024


Hey everyone, and welcome to the Brackenhide Hollow M+ guide for season 4 of Dragonflight! In this guide I’ll be covering the abilities of all the trash mobs and bosses throughout the dungeon, as well as how I recommend you deal with them. I will also be including a recommended, PUG friendly route via the Mythic Dungeon Tools addon for anyone interested.

A bit about me, my name is Tactyks and I am an avid M+ player, achieving every 0.1% M+ title that has existed as well as competing in The Great Push in season 4 of Shadowlands. I also create M+ and Raid guide content on my YouTube and Twitch channels, so be sure to stop by and say hi!

If you are using the Mythic Dungeon Tools addon, you can import the recommended route using the following link:

Alchemy Profession Bonus

Throughout the dungeon you’ll find cauldrons that players with at least 25 skill points in Dragon Isles Alchemy can unlock, allowing your entire group to interact with it to gain the Cleansed Rot extra action button, a one-time use ability that lasts for 5mins and will clear any disease on yourself. While the on-use can only be used once, cauldrons will remain interactable, so if you are near one you can return to it and gain another cleanse. This is quite useful throughout the dungeon as there are many dangerous diseases to be aware of, but they are not mandatory to your success. For the exact location of these cauldrons you can find them marked in the MDT route linked above.

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Hackclaw’s War-Band Trash

To spawn the first boss you’ll need to free 5 Tuskarrs locked in cages throughout this area. I’ve marked the location of cages I recommend you open in the MDT string linked in this article, which are guarded by many different types of gnolls.

  • Crushing Smash targets the tank, but this hit isn’t very dangerous
  • Fixates a random player with Vicious Clawmangle, use a CC to stop this ability
  • Bone Bolt targets a random player, use any spare CCs to stop this cast or a defensive if needed
  • Avoid the random target circle from Toxic Trap
  • Infected Bite targets a random melee player, be aware of the healing reduction it applies
  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Interrupt every cast of Hideous Cackle
  • Avoid the Ragestorm AoE around the mob, I don’t recommend using a soothe to remove this effect but you can if you prefer
  • The Pack Tactics aura gives nearby allies 15% damage done and 25% CDR
  • Earthbolt targets a random player, use any spare interrupts on this cast
  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Withering Burst targets a random player, interrupt this cast and use a disease dispel if one goes through
  • Decay Surge targets the tank, use any spare interrupts on this cast but this is low priority

Hackclaw’s War-Band Boss Fight

Tricktotem will shoot Earth Bolts at random players, interrupt this as often as possible and focus this boss down to remove this mechanic from the fight as quickly as you can. They will also cast Greater Healing Rapids on a random boss, which you can interrupt or purge. Finally, when any member of the War-Band reaches 15% she will buff all 3 of them with Bloodfrenzy, so be aware of this extra damage intake when it goes out.

Gashtooth deals high party damage from Gash Frenzy, doing 5 hits to random players and applying a 15s stacking bleed to them. This is removed when the player is healed above 90% health, so focus the debuffed players and use bleed cleanses if you have any. Gashtooth will also focus a single player with Marked for Butchery, dealing heavy damage over 4s, so use a defensive if this targets you.

Rira Hackclaw does a frontal with all her auto attacks thanks to Cleave, so tanks make sure to face her away from your group. She will occasionally use Bladestorm and move towards a random player, so be sure to stay out of the 8yd AoE this creates.

Throughout the fight the bosses will team up and combo the group, with Tricktotem incapacitating the healer via Hextrick Totem, Gashtooth blinding the tank with Decayed Senses, and Rira targeting a random player with Savage Charge. To survive this, you’ll need to kill the totem CCing the healer, have them magic dispel the tank, and then have the tank stand in the path of the charge. This can be a bit easier if you have a dps priest or warlock as they can magic dispel the tank without needing to meet a dps check to free the healer, making this combo easier to survive.

Healers you’ll want to try and keep players as healthy as possible throughout this fight, as the bosses will gain stacks of Predatory Instincts for each 10% total health missing from players.

Treemouth Trash

I recommend going right after defeating the first boss, causing you to encounter the trash mobs listed below.

  • Infuse Corruption targets the tank, use an interrupt or CC to stop the cast and if needed dispel the disease DoT it applies
  • Avoid the Burst on-death explosion around the mob
  • Bleeding targets a random player, be aware of how many stacks you have and use defensives or bleed cleanses if in danger
  • Summon Lashers spawns 1 Infected Lasher mob, tanks be sure to pick it up
  • Decaying Roots targets a random player, use an interrupt or CC to stop the cast, if one goes through use a magic dispel or root break to remove the debuff
  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Summon Lashers spawns 3 Infected Lasher mobs, tanks be sure to pick them up
  • Avoid the Stomp swirly around the mob
  • Necrotic Breath frontals toward a random player, avoid this effect and use a disease dispel on anyone hit
  • This mob is immune to CC
  • When Summon Totem is cast swap to the Decay Totem and kill it as quickly as possible, using disease dispels and Alchemy cleanses to remove the DoT
  • Burst of Decay targets the tank and does a 5yd splash, interrupt this cast
  • The Pack Tactics aura gives nearby allies 15% damage done and 25% CDR
  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Gushing Ooze targets a random melee player, use a defensive if needed
  • Avoid the Burst AoE the mob does when below 20% health and tanks pick up the 3 Decaying Slimes it spawns

On top of these mobs, there are also several mobs in this area as well as down the left side path that you will not be fighting in the recommended route.

  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Maul and Bash both target the tank, use a defensive if needed
  • Infectious Bite targets a random melee player, use a disease dispel to remove the DoT
  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Bone Bolt Volley debuffs 2 random players with the Bone Bolt DoT, use defensives if needed
  • Rotten Meat targets a random player causing nearby beasts to fixate them, use a poison dispel to end this effect
  • Use an interrupt or CC to stop the Screech cast

Treemouth Boss Fight

Tanks point the Vine Whip frontal away from your group and try not to get knocked out of the boss arena.

Decay Spray targets a random player and does a small frontal towards them, non-targeted players should avoid this, then cleave down the Decaying Slime mobs spawned, keeping interrupts or CCs on them to prevent the Gushing Ooze cast from completing.

When Grasping Vines goes out make sure 1 player is in the circle so the boss can Consume them, allowing you to avoid giving the boss the Starving Frenzy buff. You’ll need to break the absorb shield on the boss, or have the consumed player use an immunity to break free. After this happens they’ll get the Partially Digested debuff, so you need to alternate the player soaking this ability.

Gutshot Trash

  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Stink Breath frontals towards a random player, make sure you are close enough to the mob that you can step out of the effect quickly
  • Avoid the Violent Whirlwind AoE around the mob
  • Maul targets the tank but does not hit very hard

In addition to these mobs, there is a mini boss in the area I recommend you avoid.

  • Feral claw targets the tank, use a defensive if needed
  • Bloodthirsty Charge targets the furthest player, avoid standing in the path of this attack
  • At 100 energy gains Bloody Rage, use a soothe to remove this effect

Gutshot Boss Fight

Ensnaring Trap targets 2 random players, leaving a circle on the ground that will root and deal damage to anyone who touches it.

Throughout the fight the boss will use Call Hyenas, spawning 2 Rotfang Hyena mobs that the tank should pick up and try to drag through the Ensnaring Trap effect to root them. Use a CC to stop them from casting Bounding Leap, and back out of range of them to avoid the Crippling Bite hit. Note that Bounding Leap will also fail to cast if the mob is rooted by the trap, so no need to use a CC if this is the case.

Occasionally the boss will use Meat Toss, causing the hyenas to enrage in a Feeding Frenzy and fixate on a random player for 10s. When this happens, have that player kite them through one of the Ensnaring Traps to keep them rooted. On top of this, make sure to always interrupt the bosses Master’s Call cast, otherwise the hyenas will break free and gain a speed increase.

Tanks use a defensive on Gut Shot, and make sure the effect doesn’t knock you off the edge of the platform or into an Ensnaring Trap.

Decatriarch Wratheye Trash

  • Decay Surge target the tank, use any spare interrupts on this cast
  • Use a CC to stop the Rotting Surge channel and avoid any swirlies it spawns
  • Bloody Bite targets a random melee player, be aware of how many stacks you have and use defensives or bleed cleanses if in danger
  • Withering Contagion targets a random player, use a disease dispel to remove the DoT
  • Siphon Decay deals a large hit to any players with Withering Contagion within 30yds, make sure to disease dispel it before this cast finishes, or have the debuffed players outrange this hit
  • Decay Claws targets the tank, be aware of the healing absorb it applies
  • Bloody Bite targets a random melee player, be aware of how many stacks you have and use defensives or bleed cleanses if in danger

Decatriarch Wratheye Boss Fight

Tanks use a defensive for the Decaystrike double hit, and make sure to point the Choking Rotcloud frontal towards the outside of the room, then step out of the effect before the cast finishes. This cloud will rotate around the room and apply stacks of Withering Rot to anyone hit, so make sure to avoid it.

Rotburst Totems spawn on the opposite side of the room as the boss. Tanks position such that these spawn behind Choking Rotclouds, allowing you and any melee DPS to get full uptime on them. DPS be sure to swap to these as quickly as possible, saving damage when needed, to kill it before the Rotting Burst cast goes off, which applies a stack of Withering Rot to your entire party.

At 100 energy the boss will use Decaying Strength, doing a Withered Eruption splash hit around each player based on the amount of Withering Rot stacks they had, and also gaining a stacking 5% damage increase per Withering Rot stack absorbed, so avoid getting stacks of this debuff whenever possible.

For boss movement, I recommend pointing the Choking Rotcloud into a corner, then walking the boss diagonally across the room to the opposite corner, causing the first totem to spawn in the corner you started in. After killing that totem, rotate clockwise to the next corner, which will cause the second totem to spawn opposite you once again, just behind where the Choking Rotcloud is. Repeat this for each phase.

Brackenhide Hollow Mythic+ Dungeon Route

If you are using the Mythic Dungeon Tools addon, you can import this route using the following string:
Import MDT Route

To start head up the hill, hugging the left side to try and avoid aggroing pack G1 in the first pull. Open the cage near this first pull, then make your way down to the beach, opening a couple more cages along the way before crossing past the boss room to get the last 2 cages near G15 and G17.

After defeating the first boss, open up the cauldron outside the room if you have an alchemist, then head up towards the right side of the dungeon. There are a couple more cauldrons along the route so open them as needed.

After defeating Treemouth, if you dont have a way to skip Stinkbreath it’s now a fine mob to pull, just make sure everyone is close enough to the mob that they can dodge the very quick frontal cast. Then weave your way through the area according to the line in MDT, dodging any other trash before Gutshot.

From there it’s a pretty straight shot to the last boss, just be aware that the Vile Rothexers near pull 18 are all separate mobs, so you’ll need to individually tag two of them into the pull. Otherwise just make your way to the final cave, clear most of it, and take on the final boss.