Halls of Infusion Mythic+ Dungeon Guide

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Last Updated: 21st Apr, 2024


Hey everyone, and welcome to the Halls of Infusion M+ guide for season 4 of Dragonflight! In this guide I’ll be covering the abilities of all the trash mobs and bosses throughout the dungeon, as well as how I recommend you deal with them. I will also be including a recommended, PUG friendly route via the Mythic Dungeon Tools addon for anyone interested.

A bit about me, my name is Tactyks and I am an avid M+ player, achieving every 0.1% M+ title that has existed as well as competing in The Great Push in season 4 of Shadowlands. I also create M+ and Raid guide content on my YouTube and Twitch channels, so be sure to stop by and say hi!

If you are using the Mythic Dungeon Tools addon, you can import the recommended route using the following link: https://wago.io/zIJQBB4UA

Engineering and Herbalism Profession Bonuses

Inside this dungeon there are a couple different items players with Engineering or Herbalism can interact with to give their party a bonus, though note that you will need to have at least 25 skill points in the Dragon Isles version of that profession to do so.

For Engineering there is an orb on your way to the first boss, which will give you and any allies within 40yds Limited Immortality for 60mins, preventing your next death.

For Herbalism, there are Infused Mushrooms in the area before the second boss which will give you and any allies within 40yds Cleansing Spores for 30mins, which removes 1 poison or disease effect from you every 15s for the duration.

Both of these buffs are nice bonuses, but not mandatory for your success in the dungeon. I have indicated their positions in the MDT Route linked above.

Video Guide

Watcher Irideus Trash

  • The Tailwind aura gives nearby allies 20% increase attack and movespeed
  • Seismic Slam targets a random player and leaps towards them, avoid the 5yd swirly
  • Use an interrupt or CC to prevent the Expulse cast
  • Containment Beam targets a random player, use a defensive if needed, especially if multiple mobs target you with this ability
  • Use an interrupt or CC to prevent the Demoralizing Shout cast
  • Tanks point the Spear Flurry frontal away from the group and sidestep out of the effect. In a pinch you can also use a CC to prevent this cast

Watcher Irideus Boss Fight

Tanks face the boss away from the group and step out of the Titanic Fist frontal.

Avoid the 4yd swirlies spawned by Spark Volley underneath each player every 2s for 10s.

Use defensives and healing CDs to survive the Static Surge pulsing damage.

Power Overload targets 2 random players, leaving behind a Power Field zone on expiration or removal for 15s, which now grows to its maximum size. I recommend bouncing back and forth between 2 sides of the room as puddles will clear before the next cast of this ability, then using one of the two main strategies:

1) Have debuffed players move towards the outside of the room to drop their puddles, reducing movement required by the rest of your group.2) Debuffed players stay stacked with the group, then everyone moves together when the debuff expires, reducing movement required by the debuffed players.

Both strategies work well, just note that you will not want to dispel the debuff off either player when doing the 2nd strategy, unless you have something like Mass Dispel, imp dispel, or dwarf racial which allows you to dispel both debuffs simultaneously.

At 15% health the boss will transition to his intermission, going immune and spawning 4 Nullification Devices that tanks should pick up. Whenever possible use CC’s on these mobs to stop their Purifying Blast cast, and if any go through use a magic dispel to remove the DoT. On death these mobs will do a 12yd AoE explosion, which you’ll need to hit the boss with 3 times in order to break his shield and go back to the boss phase. Don’t worry if you miss the boss as he will spawn a second wave of adds if the first dies without his shield breaking.

While the shield persists in this phase, the boss gains stacks of Siphon Power, increasing his nature damage done and the size of the Power Fields for the duration of the fight, so be aware that in the second boss phase you’ll be taking more damage and will need to run further to get out of the puddles.

Gulping Goliath Trash

  • Lightning Blast is instant cast and targets a random player
  • Use an interrupt or CC to stop the Elemental Focus cast, which empowers Lightning Blast into Infused Lightning, causing it to bounce. If this cast ever goes off be sure to purge the magic effect quickly!
  • These mobs patrol in stealth and will open with Cheap Shot if they aren’t hit first
  • Tanks be aware of their stacking attack speed buff Rise Squall
  • These mobs fixate random players, applying a the stacking Gulp Swog Toxin on their melees, which instantly kills a player if it reaches 10 stacks. Use slows, knockbacks, and stuns to keep these mobs off your group and poison dispel players at high stack counts
  • Tanks point the Dazzle frontal away from the group and sidestep out of the effect. In a pinch you can also interrupt or use a CC to prevent this cast
  • Occasionally this mob buffs itself with Evasive Flutter
  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Move out of the Whirling Fury 8yd AoE
  • Tanks pickup the Zephyrling adds spawned by Zephyr’s Call
  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Will cast Cauterize when below 50% health, make sure to always interrupt this cast
  • Pyretic Burst targets the tank, use any spare interrupts on this ability
  • Molten Subduction targets a random player, followed by an 8yd Magma Crush swirly beneath their feet. Dispel or use a root break and get out of the swirly before it detonates

Gulping Goliath Boss Fight

Use defensives and healing CDs on the Overpower Croak pulsing damage, and avoid the swirlies spawned by each tick. These swirlies turn into 2 Curious Swoglet mobs, which you’ll want to hit with the Gulp AoE the boss does around itself as it will instantly kill them. The first Gulp cast of the fight happens very quickly so you don’t need to move much, you can just use stuns and slows to lockdown the Swoglets inside the AoE. For every other Gulp cast in the fight there is a significant delay after the add spawns before it happens, so I recommend tanking on one side of the circle, then running to the opposite side after the Swoglets spawn, using any slows you have on them in the process, then when the Gulp AoE appears use stuns/knockbacks to keep them inside the circle.

Tanks will also want to make sure they stand in every Gulp circle, otherwise he will gain a 50% physical damage increase for 1 minute.

Belly Slam targets a random player, avoid the circle and try not to be too far from the group.

Toxic Effluvia deals moderate nature damage every to the party, this can be scary if you have a Swoglet hitting you at the same time, so use a defensive if that happens.

Khajin the Unyielding Trash

  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Use defensives and healing CDs to heal through the Deep Chill hit and DoT, and if you have any slow removals or magic dispels use them on this DoT to help your healer out
  • Tanks point the Oceanic Breath frontal away from the group and use a defensive or outrange the effect
  • Interrupt or use a CC on Refreshing Tide
  • Ice Shard targets the tank, use spare CCs on this cast and defensives when needed
  • Move out of the Rumbling Earth circle around this mob
  • Thunderstrike targets a random player, use CCs to stop the cast

Khajin the Unyielding Boss Fight

Healers be aware of the constant ticking damage from Polar Winds throughout the fight.

Throughout the arena you’ll see 2 kinds of Ice Boulders, Solid ones (blue with a white outline) and Cracked ones (fully white). These are important for the Hailstorm cast, which deals lethal damage to anyone not hiding behind a Boulder, however it is important to hide specifically behind a Solid boulder as this cast will cause Cracked boulders to shatter, dealing massive frost damage to anyone within 12yds of it. This cast also causes Solid boulders to become Cracked, so you can’t hide behind the same boulder for back to back casts.

New boulders are spawned shortly after each Hailstorm cast via Glacial Surge, just be sure to avoid the rings of frost this ability also spawns.

Frost Cyclone is a line attack towards a random player, avoid this hit and try not to point it towards any nearby boulders, as it will also damage them just like Hailstorm.

Tanks be aware of the instant cast frost hit and slow from Frost Shock. This is cast at predictable times so make sure you have a defensive running.

Primal Tsunami Trash

  • Interrupt or use a CC on Tidal Divergence to prevent Aqualings from being summoned
  • Boiling Rage enrages the mob for 15s, use any spare interrupts, CCs, or soothe the effect
  • Water Bolt targets the tank, use any spare interrupts to prevent this cast
  • This mob is immune to CC
  • Use defensives or outrange the Inundate 40yd AoE
  • Interrupt the Aqueous Barrier cast or purge the magic effect it provides
  • Avoid the Flash Flood 12yd AoE around the mob

Primal Tsunami Boss Fight

Healers make sure the party is topped for the Tempest’s Fury AoE hit, use defensives here if you aren’t or on higher tyrannical keys.

Infused Globules spawn both near player locations and randomly through the room, avoid their random patrol and 10yd explosion after 11s. Avoiding these can be a bit easier if your group stays together to bait some of the initial spawns in one area, then moves to a clear part of the room.

Tanks be aware this boss is stationary, so leaving melee can cause other players to be attacked or the Undertow ability to be used. There’s also a tank combo in Squall Buffet and Focused Deluge, where the former deals a single large frost hit and knocks you back, and the latter deals ticking damage every second for 5 seconds. Make sure to taunt the boss just as Squall Buffet finishes casting, as if you don’t the boss will sometimes hit other melee players because you’ve been knocked out of range.

At 60% health the boss will use Cast Away, forcing the group to run through a gauntlet of Crashing Tsunamis to run back to the boss arena. Once you arrive you’ll need to interrupt Primal Infusers to stop the Infuse damage increase they channel into the boss, then use CCs to stop their Inundate casts. Once all 4 of these mobs are dead the boss will reform and repeats the boss phase above until defeated.

Halls of Infusion Mythic+ Dungeon Route

If you are using the Mythic Dungeon Tools addon, you can import this route using the following string:
Import MDT Route

To start out you’ll want to hug the left side of the room to avoid pulling pack G2, using lust on this first pull and then continuing clockwise around the circle, allowing you to pick up the engineering cheat death buff.

After defeating the first boss and crossing the water, I recommend turning left up the stairs instead of going straight through, as there are significantly less swoglets as well as an easy to access Infused Mushroom if you have a herbalist. Feel free to separate pull 10 into 2 pulls if you don’t feel comfortable pulling the caster pack on top of the mini bosses.

Once you get past the Gulping Goliath you’ll have some Proto-Dragon pulls, so tanks remember to give yourself enough space to run straight back away from them if you need to avoid the frontal damage. After pull 13 you’ll want to hug the right side of the hallway and parkour up the cliff face, still hugging as right as you can be, allowing you to skip G28 without any stealth or invisibility required.

In the final trash area before the last boss, just be aware of the Tsunami waves coming down this hallway, and note that you can hide behind the pillars in the centre of the platform and take no damage from these waves.