Sanctum of Domination

The Nine Mythic Boss Guide

The Nine
Last Updated: 17th Aug, 2021

Raid Setup

Recommended Classes

  • Any immunity class is really useful here for solo soaking the Crushing Gaze mechanic.
  • Protection Paladin with Spellwarding is nice here for helping people solo soak Crushing Gaze but absolutely not required.
  • At least 2 Druids / Shamans for sprints to counter the Push/Pull mechanics.


Wings of Rage Mechanic Icon

Wings of Rage

Phase One
Run Away

Kyra pulls players towards her for 7 seconds, resulting in an explosion for 66k at the end if you are not safely away from her.

Unending Strike Mechanic Icon

Unending Strike

Phase One

Kyra slashes the tank for 70k Physical damage and causes them to take 10% increased damage for 25 seconds, this effect stacks.

In addition Repeating Slash will hit all players in the raid for 6.6k Physical damage.

Formless Mass
Siphon Vitality Mechanic Icon

Siphon Vitality

Phase One
Kill and Interrupt

Spawns an add that will attempt to cast Siphon Vitality which does raid damage and heals it - this should be kicked and the add should be cleaved down on top of the bosses using a Death Grip if there is a DK in the raid.

Reverberating Refrain Mechanic Icon

Reverberating Refrain

Phase One
Go In

Signe pushes all players away from her for 7 seconds, resulting in an explosion for 66k at the end if you are not standing close to her, as well as fearing affected players.

Song of Dissolution Mechanic Icon

Song of Dissolution

Phase One
Interrupt Fast

A channel that causes ramping raid-wide damage, this should be interrupted as fast as possible and can cause massive damage and wipe the raid if it is not handled.

Fragments of Destiny Mechanic Icon

Fragments of Destiny

Phase One
Run Out and Dispel

Four players will be debuffed with Fragments of Destiny, they need to run to the edge of the room away from the raid and be dispelled one by one until all of the stacks bounce to the same player, causing an Ice Shard to spawn on the ground there.

Players need to run away as soon as they are dispelled to prevent the debuff bouncing back to them.

Call of the Val'kyr Mechanic Icon

Call of the Val'kyr

Phase One

Skyja will cast Call of the Val’kyr which can be one of 6 different mechanics.

Word of Recall Mechanic Icon

Word of Recall

Phase Two
Deal with 3 Mechanics

Skyja will call the most recent 3 Call of the Val’kyr abilities and use them all at the same time, resulting in some interesting overlaps.

Players should try and solo soak Crushing Gaze if they can when it is used as part of the Word of Recall combo as it relieves a lot of stress on the healers.

When Mournful Dirge / Falling Strike / Crushing Gaze are used in combination, players with Mournful Dirge should soak the Falling Strike circles so that the rest of the raid can soak the Crushing Gaze if need be.

Keep in mind that if the Shield mechanic has been used in this phase, it will be used again soon when she does Recall, so keep the boss close to the previous shield to reduce the amount of playspace that gets taken by this mechanic.

The boss will also use Wings of Rage or Reverberating Refrain as part of these combinations on mythic difficulty, however they generally come after the main combination of 3 abilities - one thing to look for here is when it overlaps with Fragments of Destiny, make sure players aren’t trying to clear these whilst Reverberating Refrain is active as they may not have time to get back in.

Link Essence Mechanic Icon

Link Essence

Phase Two
Avoid Mechanics / Damage

The boss will link 3 players with debuffs who radiate 60% of the damage they take to each other - generally players affected by this mechanic should avoid taking damage at all costs, especially soaking the Crushing Gaze.


Position near the bosses and split damage across them so that they both hit 20% as close to each other as possible, keep in mind that Kyra has more HP than Signe does.

Focus on interrupting in this phase over anything else, handling the Fragment dispels and dealing with the Call mechanics as they come.

Once Skyja lands you should pop Bloodlust and focus down Kyra & Signe until they are dead as there are a lot of mechanics happening whilst all 3 bosses are active on the platform and you want to push through this as quickly as you can.

After they are dead you need to handle Fragments & the Call of the Valkyr mechanics from Skyja.

Word of Recalls:

  • Recall 1: Swords / Damage Split
  • Recall 2: Soaks / Small Circles / Damage Split (Immune Gaze here if possible)
  • Recall 3: Shield / Big Circles / Small Circles
  • Recall 4: Swords / Damage Split / Small Circles
  • Recall 5: Soaks / Shield / Big Circles

Recall 2 is a particularly nasty combo and you should immune/Spell-warding the Crushing Gaze if you can.

Raid Leader Tips

Call the players names who are affected by Fragments of Destiny so they know to move out to get dispelled - organise some kind of healer dispel priority so they know which order to use their dispels in, and stress the fact they should wait until the player dispelled previously has moved out before they do so.

Warn players whenever Wings of Rage / Reverberating Refrain is incoming.

Call out the Recall combinations in advance of them happening so that players are ready for them before they come.

Draw attention to the Song of Dissolution cast in P1 when it is about to happen to ensure it is interrupted, perhaps assign a particularly trustworthy interrupter in your guild to handle this.

WeakAuras & Addons

Sanctum of Domination WeakAura Pack

Author: Causese
Causese SL Raid 2 WeakAura Pack