Mistweaver Monk Raid Bosses Guide

Patch 10.2 Last Updated: 12th Nov, 2023
Cute Mistweaver Monk Author


Welcome to the Mistweaver monk guide written by Cutencuddly, an ex-raider in Method. I spent the entire Shadowlands expansion in Method helping with the rebuild. I played Balance Druid / Resto Druid / Shaman in the first tier (whilst also maintaining the Mistweaver), then focusing more on Mistweaver / Resto Druid in Sanctum of Domination and then playing Resto Shaman / Mistweaver / Priest in Sepulcher.

Mistweaver Monk is something even when it's not my main character, I try to maintain and keep up with as much as possible and it is my favourite and most played spec.

What has changed

Patch 10.2.0 Mistweaver Monk Changes

Mistweaver again has been blessed with a lot of attention from the development team, mostly focused on number tuning and damage buffs but I will mention more of the ‘game changing’ changes here.

Our healing Elixir has been reworked and now will automatically trigger when you reach below a certain HP threshold (this right now is at 40% hp) and also got a small buff to how much it heals being 20% instead of 15%.

Another big change was expel harm, this can no longer be cast on allies during Soothing Mist but instead got some pretty large buffs to the core ability. It’s healing was buffed by 550% it now deals damage equal to 25% of the amount healed instead of 10% and its damage range was also increased to 20 yards up from 8 yards.

Bounce back one of our defensive options on the talent tree was also buffed quite a bit now reducing damage by 20/40% and triggers when you receive 12% of your max health in damage instead of 20%. It also lasts 2 seconds longer than on 10.1.7.

Clouded Focus also got a change it now only stacks up to 2 times instead of 3 and no longer increases the healing of vivify and enveloping mist before its first application.

Some smaller changes, life cocoon can no longer be cancelled (as there was an interaction people were abusing by cancelling it). Also Ancient teachings of the monastery may now stack up to 4 times up from 3, this will mainly effect m+ more so than raiding.