Ambush Ambush

Double damage when attacking from Stealth.

Armored Armored

50% Physical damage reduction.

Attack Root Attack Root

Attack roots enemies, immobilising them.

Attack Stun Attack Stun

Attack stuns enemies.

Blast Wave Blast Wave

While in play, replaces this Mini in your deck with the Blast Wave spell: Burn and knock back enemies near buildings.

Bloodlust Bloodlust

Bloodlusted units gain +33% movement and attack speed.

Bombard Bombard

Attacks ground enemies only.

Braze Braze

Attach to the nearest allied Tower or Base, shielding it.

Cannibalize Cannibalize

Consumes fallen enemy gold residue to regain health.

Carrion Carrion

Multiplies from slain enemies.

Charge Charge

Charges to enemy targets.

Cheap Shot Cheap Shot

Attacking from Stealth will Stun enemy units.

Cycle Cycle

2 cost or less for more Mini plays!

Detect Detect

Detect and attack Sealthed enemies.

Dismounts Dismounts

Dismounts the mount/vehicle after it's destroyed.

Earth and Moon Earth and Moon

Alternates between Starfall and Entangling Roots whenever a Cenarion Mini is played.

Elemental Elemental

Deals elemental damage. Strong vs Armored.

Fast Fast

Fastest moving units.

Fiery Weapon Enchant Fiery Weapon Enchant

Non-Elemental allies apply Burn on hit.

Flying Flying

Strong vs Melee units.

Frost Frost

Frost damage slows enemy movement and attack speed.

Fury Fury

Attack speed increases while in combat.

Hatching Hatching

Unit hatches into final form when attacked.

Haunt Haunt

Summon a Banshee on death.

Heal Squadmate Heal Squadmate

Mountaineer periodically heals his Bear companion.

Healer Healer

Heals friendly units.

Hook Hook

Hooks ranged enemies.

Longshot Longshot

Outranges EVERYTHING else.

Miner Miner

Mines Gold from Gold Veins.

Nullify Nullify

Immune to Poison, Burn, Stun and slowing effects.

Percent Damage Percent Damage

Deals a percentage of the target's health in damage.

Poisonous Poisonous

Deals stacking damage over time. Strong vs Armored.

Possession Possession

Takes control of an enemy unit.

Ranged Ranged

Attacks enemies from a distance.

Rebirth Rebirth

One-time self resurrection. Reborn at 50% life.

Resistant Resistant

Takes 50% less Elemental damage.

Revive Revive

Squadmates resurrect each other.

Siege Damage Siege Damage

Double damage vs Towers.

Siege Specialist Siege Specialist

Only attacks Towers and Bosses.

Spell Spell

Cast anywhere on the map.

Squad Squad

String vs One-Target units.

Stealth Stealth

Invisible to enemies until it attacks or is damaged.

Summoner Summoner

Summons additional units.

Tank Tank

High health unit. Good at soaking Tower damage.

Unbound Unbound

Can be played anywhere on the map.

Vulnerable Vulnerable

Unit takes 2x elemental damage.