In one of the most exciting developments to Warcraft Rumble since it launched, the Darkmoon Faire will soon be arriving in town (or actually rather on an island in the middle of the sea, but you know what we mean).

Warcraft Rumble enjoyers the world over will have the chance to complete challenges, earn prize tickets and collect great prizes. The awesome thing about this event is that it is not only an individual event, it’s also a Guild event, bringing a much needed addition to the Guild system. Darkmoon Faire is expected to be released during Season 5.

To participate in the event, you’ll simply need to have more than 40 Sigils and the event will take place every two weeks, so you can look forward to it being around for a while.


To ‘enter’ the Darkmoon Faire, simply click on the mysterious floating eye in the middle of the map.

While the Darkmoon Faire is active, you will receive Daily and Weekly Challenges which can be completed to earn Tickets. All Tickets which are earned by an individual, will also contribute tickets to the other members of their Guild, 1 for 1. This means that the more active your Guild members are, the more tickets you will all earn as a team and the greater the rewards you will be able to redeem collectively.

warcraft rumble darkmoon faire preview


Tickets can be used to purchase rewards on the Darkmoon Faire reward tree that is not dissimilar in look & feel to a Talent tree in World of Warcraft. Naturally, greater rewards will cost more tickets and you will be able to access more exciting rewards as you progress through the tree. Keep an eye out for some unique and special rewards too!

The way the reward track is designed, you will not be able to claim all of the rewards during an event period - so choose the rewards you are most interested in and then chart a new path when the rewards reset at the return of the next Darkmoon Faire.

Gameplay Changes

That’s not all the Darkmoon Faire brings with it however… it also brings changes to gameplay! Every time the Darkmoon Faire appears, it will bring some game-altering effect with it. During the Darkmoon Faire’s first appearance, the Gold Chests and Gold Nodes on the map will be replaced with Darkmoon Chests which contain fun surprises when they’re opened (giant chicken anyone?).

That’s all for now - we’ll keep this page updated as we learn more about the event.