Congratulations, you've made it through Molten Core and are ready to face Ragnaros the Firelord! This is a really cool encounter and we hope that with tuning it can be as epic as it feels it should be. Conquer Ragnaros to unlock him as a Mini.


Boss Strategy

Full build discussion to come. Build will also be updated if new/better strategies come to light over the coming days & weeks.

Note: We loved Ragnaros' boss room and the feel & theme of the encounter. However, it is currently just too easy to abuse Execute to get him down. We hope that the damage Execute deals to all bosses is reduced and we will update this guide with an alternative strategy in due course. For now, this is the easiest way to kill the boss and get your Ragnaros Mini.


  • Wave goodbye to Majordomo as you melt him with Jaina > Execute + Blizzard combo. He's really soft so will fall to 2-3 spells.
  • Banshee is incredible on this encounter to deal with the Core Hounds and the Molten Giant. Mind Controlling a Core Hound means it cannot resurrect it's ally - great!
  • Chip away at Ragnaros during Phase 1 with Execute and Blizzard (after playing Jaina for the +3 spell levels) while defending your base. Don't let the Flamewakers get too close or their ranged attach will reach your base.
  • When you push Ragnaros into Phase 2, play defensively and use Execute to take down the four mini-boss units that spawn.
  • Once you have the four mini-boss units down, kick back, relax and just defend your base until the timer reaches 0 and you enter Overtime.
  • As soon as you enter Overtime, start nuking the boss with Jaina > Execute and Blizzard. Defend your base with Banshee, Ghoul and Whelp Eggs.