Presenting Method's Race to World First: Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope

Presenting Method's Race to World First: Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope

Method is thrilled to share that we are heading back to 1337 Camp in Germany, where we will be competing in the Race to World First: Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope!

Back at the 1337 Camp for the RWF

After having a great experience during the previous RWF we are happy to be returning to 1337 Camp in Germany for the final race of Dragonflight!

1337 Camp is an incredible gaming venue based in Waiblingen, and the perfect location for any group of friends or guild wishing to meetup, kick back and hang out in person whilst doing what we all love...Playing video games.

The venue is well-equipped with a restaurant which we can highly recommend, as well as a kitchen, accommodation and a whole-host of local amenities. As an added bonus, they also provide free drinks during your entire stay!

Eleven Method raiders on site

The more the merrier! Our RWF event will feature a grand total of 11 Method raiders on site, where they will be live streaming their top-end gameplay from 1337 Camp’s incredible gaming setups! 

The following raiders will be joining us from the venue in Germany: Sjele, Bangerz, Lorgokz, Fragnance, Nezro, Kwepp, Wildi, Cruella, Speed, Danwarr and Cayna.

RWF Amirdrassil Raider Announcement

Welcoming new talent to the RWF

On top of our incredible raiders and staff, we have invited 10 casters to join us at 1337 Camp, including content creators that will be making their debut as a Race to World First caster, one of which will be revealed tomorrow.

Give it up for our incredible caster roster: Darkmech, Roiben, KillerPigeon, Kexman, Deepshades, Shejkin, RageDarling, Sco and Purke…Stay tuned for the mystery caster announcement!

RWF Amirdrassil Caster Announcement

A big thanks to all our partners!

The wider Method team would like to thank all of our partners for their support in Method and our Road to World First journey. Over the last couple of months we have been working extensively with our partners to put on an incredible Race to World First for you all to enjoy!

  • Kingston FURY - the next generation of quality engineering in performance memory and storage solutions for gamers, PC enthusiasts and content creators.
  • Metafy - Play and Learn from the Best Pro Gamers in the World.
  • Humanscale - Premier designer of ergonomic furniture, with products focussed on improving health and comfort.
  • - Build your own playlist to watch your favourite streamers at the same time, all in one place! You can read more about the partnership here.
  • Nyfter - Some of the best mouse pads on the market! Find out more about more exclusive RWF designs here.
  • Eneba - Eneba is a safe, affordable and sustainable marketplace for gamers, you can read more about the partnership here.
  • Bedlam - Bedlam is the ultimate link in bio platform to flex your entire gaming identity, rankings, content and performance through a fully personalised landing page, all in one link.
  • Fateless - Game development studio based in the UK sharing their journey step-by-step as they create the ultimate gaming experience with their community.
  • Visit Malta - Bringing people together, creating and fostering relationships, through the excitement of travel and adventure.
  • Stepstone - One of the world's leading job platforms supported by a number of exciting brands looking to find the perfect candidates.
  • 1337Camp - The ultimate guild meetup location for casual gamers and professionals.

We’d also like to do a huge shoutout to WarcraftLogs and for their continued support of our broadcast & the RWF.


We are proud to be supporting Movember for Race to World First: Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope. Movember is an organisation who has set out on the mission to improve men's physical and mental health. Their efforts are based on scientific research which they strive to share with men across the globe with the goal of creating services that cultivate a change in men's health. 

If you would like to learn more about Movember or contribute, please stay tuned for more information coming shortly!


To celebrate this momentous event, we will be hosting a massive giveaway with plenty of cool products from our sponsors, including a $3000 PC! Keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels for how to enter.

Keep up with the #RWF

Don’t miss a moment of the Race to World First! We have 24 hour coverage of all the RWF action including leaderboards, best attempts and live commentary at!

Broadcasting the RWF live on Twitch

From the 15th of November, we will be broadcasting the Race to World First: Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope live on Twitch until our raiders have defeated the final boss, Fyrakk. You can catch our multi stream of the broadcast live on ection.

We will see you in chat!

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