Retribution Paladin

Patch 7.2

Written by Retoliez Last Updated: 4th Jun, 2017


Welcome to the Retribution Paladin guide for Legion patch 7.2. When it comes to the main strength of Ret Paladins you will clearly see it in their burst potential on important targets while Crusade is up, and it's one of the strongest and most straight forward cleave/aoe specs in the game with potential for high burst cleave/aoe or for just consistent aoe. Currently the main weakness of Ret Paladins is that their pure single target dps is in the middle of the pack because of 1 reason - kill timers. Ret Paladins depend so much on when bosses die simply because if a boss dies at the 1:30-1:50 min mark you are at your lowest point of dmg and if a boss dies at 2:40 you have just done your Crusade, you're at your peak and slowly going down.

Here are a few reasons why I believe Ret Paladins are one of the strongest progression classes in the game:

  • You can set up your Crusade to have someone die at your peak, giving you that extra 20% and making you stronger than anyone in the game for 20 sec. Note: only do this if you got a Shaman with anhk or you can afford to combat res. 
  • Kill timers on progress are normally set in stone for most of the fights, if we look at Nighthold, almost all bosses died a little bit after my Crusade ended, making me able to burst down those last % with Crusade up, while people around me might die from a mechanic making me insanely strong for those last %.
  • Auto bubble is great as it pretty much serves as an extra life in most cases.
  • Lay on Hands, Blessing of Protection, Divine Shield are all great for progress in different ways. 
  • Greater Blessing of Wisdom is pretty decent for healers on progress as on some fights they struggle with mana or they want to swap out a healer for a dps and this can help a little bit with how they play. Greater Blessing of Kings is not very useful but it pretty much serves as another 100k-120k hp every 6 sec for a player or your tank.
  • People always die on progress which gives you a dps buff, which can be insanely strong for you in some cases or pretty much useless in others, and you are normally the last person standing because of your bubble making you able to push that extra dps to either see another phase or see more of the fight. 

This guide is written and kept up to date by Narcoliez, raider of Method.