Preservation Evoker gearing guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 29th Jan, 2023
Kali Preservation Evoker Author


Tier Sets

Overall, the tier set for evoker is quite good. The 2 set is decently strong as it gives you good synergy with Reversion, allowing you to have longer uptime on reversions. This is what allows a reversion-centric build to be strong. The 4-set further amplifies the value of reversion, but it doesn’t overly change your rotation or gameplay decisions, it only amplifies your living flame healing and damage which can be really powerful in increasing damage.


As far as trinkets go, there aren’t any exceptionally strong damage options compared to the last expansion where you had Resonant Reservoir.

The most desirable trinket in this tier comes from Broodkeeper Diruna in Vault of the Incarnates which you will want to get for both raiding and Mythic+. This trinket gives you and an ally some passive healing and versatility which can be very useful.

Other trinkets vary in strength but Mote of Sanctification from Halls of Valor is one you may want to pick up as it can provide you a mini healing CD on a short 1.5min cooldown. Being able to use this instantly to heal up allies for a decent chunk can be the difference between life and death in difficult mythic+ dungeons.

Otherwise, you may want to opt for the Whispering Incarnate Icon when you can get your hands on it for raiding and maybe even mythic+.

The Conjured Chillglobe is also a fine, easily accessible option for a trinket.


Weapon wise, the evoker only staff from Broodkeeper Diurna can be quite impressive at first glance, but you won’t want to use it over a higher item level weapon, meaning that having it on heroic item level wouldn’t be better than a 421 mythic weapon as the intellect loss outweighs the damage gain.

In mythic+, you could opt for the damage increase since you don’t often need as much healing as possible, but sacrificing over 200 intellect is a tough decision to make and in most cases you will be better off sticking with the highest item level weapon you have available.