Preservation Evoker talents guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 29th Jan, 2023
Kali Preservation Evoker Author

Class Talents

Class Tree Talents: Raiding

When raiding, many of your choices will be fight dependent as Preservation has a lot of utility options that can be useful on different types of fights. For example, Time Spiral has a lot of use in a fight like Raszageth where the extra movement abilities for your allies can be the difference maker in keeping people alive. However, you may not take this talent every fight as it lacks usefulness in other fights.

Twin Guardian is also a potentially helpful talent if you are using Rescue on your priest on Raszageth, but probably not very useful on other encounters. Similarly, Quell can be taken when facing encounters with a lot of interrupts. While healers aren’t the first ones to interrupt, they are definitely able to do it in Dragonflight with the new trees and Evoker can get their interrupt relatively easily in the tree. Oppressing Roar is another utility option that can be used on fights where you need a lot of CC control. These aren’t the only examples, as many exist within the tree and you should attempt to keep an open mind when facing any encounter to what potential utility you can spec into to help your raid.

When it comes to talents you never change, there are a few to discuss. Tip the Scales is a very powerful cooldown that will allow us to cast an empower ability at max rank and without a cast time. No matter the fight or situation, we will be selecting this talent. Lush Growth and Attuned to the Dream provide us with passive healing increases. Renewing Blaze and Zephyr appear late in the tree and will generally want to be selected to give us more defensive cooldown options, the second of which can be considered a minor raid cooldown. 

Class Tree Talents: Mythic+

In Mythic+, your talents do not change massively from raiding, you will in most cases sacrifice some throughput nodes that increase your green healing spells, as well as some utility options to increase your overall damage and CC potential. 

Similar to the raiding tree, Tip the Scales must be selected no matter what. Interrupt and damage increases will also be taken all the time. Zephyr is your next must-have talent as it provides a damage reduction effect that is extremely important. Oppressing Roar can be useful in extending the duration of crowd control effects and you will likely want to try to coordinate this ability with other members of your party, or simply use Deep Breath and its stun effect to take matters into your own hands. Evoker has a lot of crowd control abilities, including your racials, so use them frequently.

Just as we discussed with the raiding focus, most of the class tree is utility options with some throughput nodes sprinkled in. In most cases you will be changing your talent build dungeon to dungeon and depending on what classes you have in your party and what areas you can be the most useful. Evoker has a plethora of unique utility options. It has a stun, root, interrupt, enrage dispel, bleed dispel, and much more. Many of these options are incredibly useful in Mythic+, the bleed dispel specifically as no other healer possesses one. 

You should aim to swap your talents according to what dungeon you are doing and what your group needs, the talents are very self explanatory so take whatever your group lacks/needs. Only a few nodes remain set in stone. If you are curious what nodes are the most flexible that you could look to swap out depending on the dungeon, any of the following are realistically flexible: Renewing Blaze, Terror of the Skies, Aerial Mastery, Rescue, Draconic Legacy and even Bountiful Bloom in some very rare cases. In most situations however, this build covers everything you could want and you are really only missing the root effect as well as enrage dispel, which can easily be taken depending on the dungeon/weekly affixes.

Spec Talents

The spec tree has a lot of different builds that are viable in both raiding and mythic+. In raiding, you have two main build choices: one relying on Emerald Blossom and the other relying on Reversion spreading through Echo. While both builds are viable, the reversion one has considerably outperformed emerald blossom and is more popular at this point, and will be the recommended build in this guide. It is worth mentioning that it does require the 2 set tier bonus to really take off. Until then, you may get better results from the emerald blossom focused build. 

In Mythic+ the most popular builds are quite similar with the only real differences being the selection of TA or not. As discussed previously, TA builds provide extra healing and extra safety, and will most likely be taken now with the 10.0.5 changes . They also require your group to be well positioned around your TA. In some pug groups, uncoordinated groups, and specific dungeons, staying stacked isn’t always possible which greatly reduces the effectiveness of a TA build.

Spec Tree Talents: Raiding

The raiding talent tree has only 2-3 point differences between builds. Reversion and Emerald Blossom will have differing builds, but the reversion build is our focus and there are some minor changes. 

One of the largely contested talent choices in this build is the spiritbloom choice node. Both Empath and Spiritual Clarity are interesting options, but Spiritual Clarity is going to be much harder to get value out of. In order for it to be better than empath, you need to press spiritbloom as close to on cooldown as possible which isn’t always realistic in a raid encounter. The only other flexible talent point is flow state. While this point isn’t fantastic by itself, there aren’t any really great options to make you not select it. For example, while Exhilarating Burst might be tempting, it seems to perform extremely poorly and should be avoided, and Life-Givers Flame isn’t that great without hitting a lot of targets, and you often don’t need either of the choice nodes for time dilation. In the end, you are basically stuck with Flow State as your final point in order to move down the talent tree. 

Spec Tree Talents: Mythic+

In Mythic+,  the middle of the tree, Life-Giver’s Flame and Lifeforce Mender must also be taken as they provide a very large damage increase and are one of the few points in the class tree where you are able to get talents that increase damage output. Similarly, Temporal Anomaly and Nozdormus teachings are also taken in order to increase our damage output even further. These talents make up the core foundation of the build, giving us very powerful damage while still giving flexible ways to heal. 

Once you get to the last few rows of the tree, the points are quite flexible. You absolutely need to get Punctuality as it is quite strong with Golden Hour in mind, but it also allows you to path down to Stasis, the one choice node you need to take. Realistically, Temporal Artificer, Energy Loop, and Time in Need are all somewhat mediocre options. Energy loop specifically is barely a dps increase over living flame but costs essence, making it more difficult to heal at times. Temporal Artificer is nice due to the fact it gives us more uses of our powerful cooldown, but we don’t always need this. Time of Need can be very powerful in very difficult situations, but it won’t provide much value outside of this. For these reasons, you can make an argument for any of the three talents, you just need to select one in order to path down the tree towards stasis. 

Looking at other flexible points, your biggest point of contention will likely be Font of Magic. The talent value is a bit skewed as you often won’t fully empower abilities in Mythic+, meaning that the extra rank is not as useful. While spiritbloom benefits a lot from the extra rank, dream breath and firebreath aren’t nearly as useful. The extra rank of firebreath doesn’t add any damage but it does give you an extra target for leaping flames. While this can seem good on paper, an extra leaping flames every 30 seconds isn’t that large of a dps increase. Dream breath is also frequently cast at rank 1/rank 2, so then we are back to spiritbloom being the only spell that benefits from Font of Magic.

Talent Builds

Evoker has a few different builds depending on the content you are doing. In the end, they are all relatively competitive with each other but reversion builds reign supreme in raiding once you get access to the 2pc set bonus. In mythic+, there is a lot more variety, but the recommended build gives you the best balance of healing and damage.

Raiding Talent Builds

Both raid builds are viable, but the reversion one is superior once you get access to the 2pc tier bonus, Time Bender. Until then you could realistically play either build, but the emerald blossom one will be easier to use. Once you do get the 2pc, you will most likely want to play the reversion build, so playing this build before 2pc is not a bad idea to get used to the playstyle.

Both builds linked here can be slightly adjusted for whatever encounter you are facing, including taking Quell over Twin Guardian or another option if you need an interrupt.

Raiding Reversion


Raiding Reversion with Energy Loop


Raid Emerald Blossom




With recent changes in 10.0.5, the mythic+ build has shifted slightly. Specifically, Temporal Anomaly and Nozdormu’s Teachings are taken instead of Renewing Breath.

Temporal Anomaly received some changes in the recent patch, making it much easier to get value out of in a M+ setting, and more importantly Nozdormus Teachings was reworked to now reduce the cooldown of empower spells by 5 seconds whenever you press TA. Being able to reduce the cooldown of not only our core healing spells (spiritbloom and dream breath) but our highest damage ability (firebreath) means that these talents are extremely powerful.

You may also take Resonating Sphere if you feel you would benefit more from applying echos with Temporal Anomaly.