Assassination Rogue

Patch 8.3

Written by Perfecto Last Updated: 12th Jan, 2020

Recommended Talents

Recommended Raiding Build

The recommended raiding build changes based on if you use the Shrouded Suffocation Azerite Trait.

Without Shrouded Suffocation

With Shrouded Suffocation

Recommended Mythic+ Build

Boss specific recommendations and strategy:

Raid Bosses

Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Master PoisonerPassive
Elaborate PlanningPassive

Master Poisoner: Even with the help of Double Dose and Toxic Blade, Master Poisoner remains a dead talent in PvE.

Elaborate Planning: The best talent choice in this row by a large margin. Maximizing uptime of Elaborate Planning is key, so using your finishers right before the buff drops is optimal.

Blindside: It used to be an execute talent in the past, but even with the recent buff to it, it remains the worst choice in the row. The sole saving grace for it would be a fight that requires only execute DPS, but that hasn't been the case so far.

Tier 2 (30)

Master AssassinPassive

Nightstalker: This is a great talent choice if you're interested in transmog hunting and want the extra speed, but that's just about the only thing that makes the talent useful in the current game.

Subterfuge: Is a competitive choice in the row; it's an excellent talent for cleave, particularly in M+ as you have access to Stealth between packs. Cleave bosses in the raid such as Jadefire Masters, Grong, and King Rastakhan are also good fights for this talent.

Master Assassin: Currently sims the highest from the row, but the difference between it and Subterfuge is fairly minimal and varies from boss to boss. It's a purely single target talent that provides you with decent burst. It's downside is the RNG factor of it being only 50% as opposed to 100% in Legion.

Tier 3 (45)

Deeper StratagemPassive
Marked for DeathInstant

Vigor: Is by far the best talent choice in the row, this tier is purely a numbers row and the extra energy from Vigor helps quite a bit with pooling energy for various buffs such as Envenom, Elaborate Planning or optimal burst during your Toxic Blade windows.

Deeper Stratagem: Hasn't been the meta for a while now mostly because it just sims worse than Vigor. The extra combo point and harder hitting finisher fail to make up for the fluidity that Vigor provides you with.

Mark for Death: Could've been a great choice if the talent didn't have to compete with the other talents of the row, but currently for Assassination it isn't a talent you should ever pick. Your finishers aren't a large enough part of your damage for it to be worth using.

Tier 4 (60)

Leeching PoisonPassive
Cheat DeathPassive

Leeching Poison: Is a great choice for encounters where you're constantly taking damage. Gul'Dan second phase comes to mind if you're soaking the well, whilst on the current tier, you can make use of the talent on Jaina p2 and p3.

Cheat Death: Should always be your standalone talent in the row. It allows you to take extra risks when you know you can't die.

Elusiveness: Should only be picked if you're soaking certain mechanics and you need the extra defensiveness from it.

Tier 5 (75)

Internal BleedingPassive
Iron WirePassive
Prey on the WeakPassive

Internal Bleeding: Is a useful talent for single target DPS if your current target can get stunned. The low energy on Kidney Shot (25) plus the Venomous Wounds proc from it make it worth using.

Iron Wire: Is the most common choice for utility in the row mostly because of M+. Silencing mobs for 3 extra seconds and the reduced damage in combination with Subterfuge earlier makes the talent incredibly strong.

Prey on the Weak: Is a talent that should only be used if you need to burst an add down. I can't imagine it being a choice for M+, but it's been used in raids in the past.

Tier 6 (90)

Venom RushPassive
Toxic BladeInstant

Venom Rush: Has been outdated for a while and isn't even comparable with its counterparts right now.

Toxic Blade: Should be your go-to talent in the row for raiding. Always make sure to use it on CD after pooling energy and going into your Toxic Blade with 4+ combo points.

Exsanguinate: Is a good second choice in the row, particularly if you have several Shrouded Suffocation traits. It's especially useful in M+ with it's shorter CD as it's more suitable to the five man playstyle.

Tier 7 (100)

Poison BombPassive
Hidden BladesPassive
Crimson TempestInstant

Poison Bomb: Is your standard choice in the row for single target, and pretty much the only talent you're likely going to be running for raids.

Hidden Blades: Is a good talent for burst AoE, similar to the Legion cloak. Encounters like Opulence or MOTHER are where this talent shines.

Crimson Tempest: Is an AoE trait that's mostly useful in M+ in large packs.