Assassination Rogue gearing guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 26th Jan, 2023
Whispyr Assassination Rogue Author


Gearing as Assassination is relatively easy. There aren’t many “required” pieces of gear, and most generic slots with no special effects can be filled by any high-item level piece you can get your hands on, as Assassinations stats are relatively close. Even PvP gear is good, as long as you don’t stack Versatility very much.

Some Special Items to watch out for are:

Jeweled Signet of Melandrus - Court of Stars, for the special effect on the ring

Hunger of the Pack - Halls of Valor, as a great overall trinket

Controlled Current Technique - Vault of the Incarnates, Solid overall raid trinket for single target

Whispering Incarnate Icon - Vault of the Incarnates, another great overall trinket

Manic Grieftorch - Vault of the Incarnates, great on use Trinket for single target, even without cooldown resets. If you can get resets, it’s top tier.

Algeth’ar Puzzle Box - Algeth’ar Academy, best trinket in single target

Seal of Diurna’s Chosen - Vault of the Incarnates, best ring when paired with an embellshment

You will want to, of course, grab your Tier Set pieces from the Raid. My recommended slots are Hands, Shoulder, Chest, and Legs. This is because of our embellishments.You should keep your head slot open just in case, as completing your set bonus is a priority over any specific item you could get in those slots.

Crafted Gear can be a great option, but it is time-gated and requires you to farm materials. For Embellishments, I recommend crafting the following:

  1. Elemental Lariat
  2. Flaring Cowl

Use any Remaining Sparks for low item level pieces.