Subtlety Rogue

Patch 8.3

Written by Perfecto Last Updated: 12th Jan, 2020

Some content in this guide is based on PTR/early data

Updates will be made after raid progress is finished and more accurate information is available.

Playstyle & Rotation


  1. Keep Nightblade on target at all times, refresh at 5.4s or below
  2. Use Shadow Blades
  3. Use your Symbols of Death with Shadow Dance in combination on cooldown
  4. Use Vanish to refresh your Find Weakness on your target
  5. Use Eviscerate to spend combo points at 5+ with Deeper Stratagem, or 4+ without
  6. Use Backstab or Shadowstrike to build combo points


  1. Shadow Blades from Stealth
  2. Shadowstrike
  3. Backstab
  4. Nightblade
  5. Shadow Dance & Symbols of Death
  6. Shadowstrike
  7. Eviscerate (with The First Dance, otherwise Shadowstrike again)

Multi Target