Subtlety Rogue interface and macros guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 6th Aug, 2022
Pushnoir Subtlety Rogue Author


Push Subtlety Rogue UI

Push Subtlety Rogue UI


Tricks of the Trade mouseover

I use this instead of a focus macro because of its flexibility.

#showtooltip Tricks of the Trade
/cast [@mouseover, help, nodead][help,nodead][@player,help,nodead]Tricks of the Trade

Shadow Dance + Shadowstrike macro

Used to avoid casting Backstab as first GCD in Shadow Dance, there is an unfortunate stance delay that has plagued Subtlety for years; this macro solves that issue.

/cast [stance:0] Shadow Dance;Shadowstrike

Equip Edge of Night macro

Used for the weapon swap when the boss has below 50% hp. Only relevant if you have 2x Mythic Edge of Night daggers.

/equipslot 16 Edge of Night

Sepsis + Shadow Blades

If you play Night Fae, you want to make sure every Sepsis is covered by Shadow Blades (if possible). Therefore this macro makes a lot of sense, sort of a “Swifty” macro for Sepsis. The trinket is included because it also gains a lot of damage from your haste when playing Dreamweaver and pressing Sepsis. So you want to line them all up if possible.

/cast Sepsis
/cast Shadow Blades

AoE button keybind

I use this to create a keybind for both of our AoE talent abilities, saving you some time.

/cast [talent:7/2] Secret Technique
/cast [talent:7/3] Shuriken Tornado

Trinket macro

Used as a lazy way to avoid having to change your on-use trinket macro every time you swap to another trinket.

/use 13
/use 14


Standalone Weakauras to consider:

Melee uptime is very important for any melee DPS, especially for Subtlety, since it gains resources from auto-attacks. I used this melee uptime tracker to ensure I was in range of the Spiked Balls on Painsmith while keeping max distance to avoid getting run over. But I decided to keep it around because it was very neat on other bosses as well.

As a new Subtlety player, you probably won’t pay much attention to the Shadow Technique tracker. But as you get more used to the spec, it becomes very helpful.