Subtlety Rogue Gearing Guide

Patch 10.2 Last Updated: 6th Nov, 2023
Stealthi Subtlety Rogue Author


Tier Set

Blizzard has made a bit more involved tier set in the third raid of Dragonflight, enhancing our shadow clone theme.

2 Piece Tier Set

Eviscerate, Rupture and Black Powder has a chance to summon a shadow clone to echo your finishing move for 70% additional Shadow damage (note that Secret Technique also spawns clones and interacts with our 4set)

The 2 set is just passive damage.

4 Piece Tier Set

Your shadow clones deal 20% increased damage with all attacks and grants you 2 combo points per clone when summoned.

This is where the gameplay changes come in, as I mentioned above Secret Technique always spawns two clones, which then gives you 4 combo points with each cast and together with our new capstone talent Shadowcraft this can then make you do quite a lot of back to back finishers.


WItherbark’s Branch which drops from the dungeon The Everbloom is probably gonna be our best trinket next season, when used it spawns 3 orbs that chase you, the best use for this is to pick up 2 and then only pick up the 3rd just before the buff runs out.

Porcelain Crab from Throne of the Tides is a very strong passive trinket option which is easier to obtain than the raid version Pip’s Emerald Friendship Badge, while offering better consistency.

Pip’s Emerald Friendship Badge which drops from the council fight Urctos in the new raid is a very strong passive stat proc trinket which swaps between Crit, Mastery and Vers which we like a lot.

Catalysmic Signet Brand which is from Smolderon in the new raid is a strong damage proc trinket that ramps up in damage but also comes with a drawback of damaging yourself, it however falls off in power with more targets.

Ashes of the Embersoul which drops from Smolderon in the new raid is a very strong two minute on-use stat trinket which lines up perfectly with our cds, it does give you a haste debuff for 1 minute after pressing it, which is removable with Cloak of Shadows.

Mirrors of Fractured Tomorrows from the new mega dungeon is a very strong 3 minute on-use trinket that gives you a big amount of your highest secondary stats. (lines up really well if you are playing Invigorating Shadowdust)


Priority should be as followed

  1. Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patch
  2. Blue Silken Lining
  3. Toxic Thorn Footwraps (quite solid early on since its basically the power of two Embellishments for the price of one, if you have Toxified Armor Patch already)
  4. Elemental Lariat

I recommend going Toxic Thorn Footwraps if you are planning to play more than just Subtlety since it's fairly close between the options and would allow you to multispec better, if not then i recommend going Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patch