Minimum Bronze Requirements for all MoP Remix Rewards

Minimum Bronze Requirements for all MoP Remix Rewards

Written by BlainieWoW - 27th May 2024

With new mounts, old mounts, transmog, cosmetic armour sets and so many more rewards available in Mists of Pandaria Remix, players will have to farm a massive amount of Bronze if they want to collect everything. We put together a list of all of the rewards available, but how much do you need to actually collect if you want to maximise the rewards for a specific class or armour type?

Below, you can find a full breakdown of the total cost of each type of reward in MoP Remix, as well as notes around which rewards to prioritise early on, depending on which content you are going to complete in the limited-time event.

This breakdown assumes that you only want to get all of the rewards usable by one class. We have used a Leather wearer as an example, but there will be slight variation due to the world sets available to players - for example, Cloth users have 1 less set that costs 750 Bronze, but both Cloth and Leather users have 1 less set that costs 2000 Bronze.

New Mounts Old Mounts Cosmetic Armour Class Armour Sets World/Dungeon Sets Toys
103,400 Bronze 421,300 Bronze 28,750 Bronze 142,000 Bronze 22,000 Bronze 260,050 Bronze

It’s worth noting that there will also be a lower cost for the Class Armour sets for Mail users, due to the fact that there are only 2 classes that wear Mail, as opposed to 3 for all the other armour types.

A final note is that plate users who wish to purchase the Tusks of Mannoroth do not have the cost included in the breakdown above.

The final purchasable rewards that are not included in the table above are the heirloom weapons that players can purchase from the Siege of Orgrimmar raid. As different classes can use different weapon types, it’s tough to pinpoint exactly how much you would want to purchase of these, but the total cost of obtaining all of the heirloom weapons is:

With all of this in mind, this means that players will need to earn approximately 1,065,500 Bronze to be able to purchase all of the rewards in MoP Remix, assuming no Bronze is spent on upgrades, and depending on armour type.

To put that number into context, if you were to complete daily LFG activities as a Level 70, you would be able to earn that amount in the following number of days, with the activities awarding a completion reward of 1250 Bronze via the Greater Bronze Cache.

1 Daily LFG 853 Days
2 Daily LFG 427 Days
3 Daily LFG 285 Days
4 Daily LFG 214 Days

With that being said, you will earn Bronze from killing mobs in these dungeons and scenarios, and the real time required doing 4 LFG daily activities isn’t going to be 214 days, but it is worth noting that if you want to obtain all of the rewards, you will need to play the game more than just logging in to do your daily activities.

This is especially true if you wish to get all of the rewards available for ALL armour types, which adds up to considerably more Bronze than if you were only targeting one. The table below takes into account all armour sets and rewards, for all characters and classes.

New Mounts Old Mounts Cosmetic Armour Class Armour Sets World/Dungeon Sets Toys
103,400 Bronze 421,300 Bronze 28,750 Bronze 591,000 Bronze 81,500 Bronze 260,050 Bronze

This brings you to a total of 1,486,000 Bronze required to buy absolutely every reward, for every class, in Mists of Pandaria Remix, along with all of the cosmetic and collection rewards you can purchase, BUT, excluding the Siege of Orgrimmar Heirloom weapons and Tusks of Mannoroth.