How to Obtain Reins of Valiance Mount in Naxxramas

How to Obtain Reins of Valiance Mount in Naxxramas

Written by Leyst - 24th July 2023

Reins of Valiance is a brand-new mount introduced in Patch 10.1.5. However, before you can obtain it, there are a few prerequisites that you need to complete:

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Part 2: How to Unlock Naxxramas

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Note: You NEED to complete the prerequisites mentioned above before you can obtain the mount! In addition, it is necessary for Instructor Razuvious to be alive in 10-man Naxxramas!

Valiance  Mount Image

Step 1: Entering Naxxramas

You can enter Naxxramas from Dragonflight in Northrend or through the special entrance you unlocked in Eastern Plaguelands.

Remember to put the raid on 10-man mode before entering.

Eastern Plaguelands Entrance:

Revealed Portal to Naxxramas Map Revealed Portal to Naxxramas Image
/way Eastern Plaguelands 35.72, 23.05 Revealed Portal To Naxxramas

Step 2: Obtaining the Rotten Delicious

Zackett Skullsmash Map Zackett Skullsmash Picture

The first thing you have do is purchase a Rotten Delicious from Zackett Skullsmash in Naxxramas for 30 Death's Bargaining Chips.

If you have an alt, remember that you can defeat bosses in Naxxramas with that character and then send the Death's Bargaining Chips to your main because the achievements you unlocked to be able to farm the Chip are account-wide.

Also, remember that you can do Naxxramas on 10-man difficulty, but make sure not to defeat Instructor Razuvious with the character you are obtaining the mount with.

Step 3: Getting the Reins of Valiance Mount

Once you have obtained a Rotten Delicious from Zackett Skullsmash, you want to make your way to the Military Quarter where Instructor Razuvious and Valiance are located.

Military Quarter map image  Valiance Image

Once you are in front of Valiance (Pin 1), use the Rotten Delicious on it. Unfortunately, the horse won't accept it, so head to the area where Instructor Razuvious is located (Pin 2).

Obedience Crystal

There, you'll find 2 Obedience Crystals on each side. Interact with one of them to mind control one of the 2 Understudy NPCs. Be careful not to use the crystal when the boss is next to the NPC you want to mind-control.

After mind-controlling the NPC, return to Valiance again, and this time the Understudy NPC will mount the horse. Now, go back to Instructor Razuvious and right-click the NPC's unit frame and click dismiss.

With the NPC dismounted, defeat the boss, loot it, and the mount is yours!