How to farm the Alchemical Flavor Pocket Embellishment

How to farm the Alchemical Flavor Pocket Embellishment

Written by Horaddrim - 6th February 2023

The brand new Profession system brought a lot of very interesting features to the game, one of them being the Embellishment system (our overview of Embellishments).

One of the most interesting Embellishments within this system is the Alchemical Flavor Pocket.

With a very useful buff in itself, this item probably got even more interesting when everyone realized that it is a Bind on Equip item, meaning that it can be bought and sold on the Auction House.

What is the Alchemical Flavor Pocket?

This item has a chance to drop from the Supply-Laden Soup Pot, which is a reward for completing the weekly Community Feast quest in Iskaara, in the Southwest coast of The Azure Span.

The Embellish is a very strong addition to your character since it can lead to a smoother Mythic+ run even if you wipe, since you don’t lose your Well-Fed bonuses and the added duration can save you some gold in the long term.

As an added bonus, although you use it like any other embellishment, it does not count towards the limit of Embellishments equipped at once in your gear.

To apply the Alchemical Flavor Pocket embellishment you can add it to a eligible piece of crafted gear (namely that uses a Spark of Ingenuity) either during the first craft or while recrafting. Note that this does increase the skill difficulty of the craft.

Getting the Supply-Laden Soup Pot

The Community Feast Weekly quest is quite simple, requiring you to complete 5 tasks during the Community Feast event.

Community Feast Location Map Community Feast Quest Location

To unlock this World Event, all you need to do is get to Renown 3 with any character in your Blizzard Account with the Iskaara Tuskarr faction, which is easily obtainable while doing quests throughout the zone.

Once unlocked, the event spawns every 1 hours and 30 minutes, so keep an eye out in your map as you will be able to see the special icon 15 minutes before it actually starts.

community feast map marker

How to farm Community Feasts

You can do the Feast with multiple characters in a single event, however each character has to complete 5 tasks individually.

Interestingly enough, non-max level alts can accept the quest and receive the Supply-Laden Soup Pot. As long as one of your characters has unlocked the Community Feast event (Iskaara Tuskarr Renown 3) and you can get the character to the Azure Span, you should be able to participate in the Community Feast.

Keep in mind that there are portals in the capital cities of Orgrimmar and Stormwind (in the portal rooms) that leads to Valdrakken, however they require at least level 58. Once in Valdrakken you can apply your Dragon Glyphs as they are account wide and fly over there. There is also a regular flight path that will take part way there. If you missing a few Dragonriding Glyphs you can check out our Dragonriding Glyphs Location guide.

Community Feast Changes

The Community Feast has had a few updates made to it recently, these changes make it easier to try to farm the Alchemical Flavor Pocket.

Firstly, there have been more ways to get credit for 5 contributions to the feast. Notably, pressing the "Yes Chef" extra action button and picking up (then throwing) soup ingredients that are around the Iskaara area now count towards your 5 tasks for the weekly quest.

Since February 6th, the time between feasts has been reduced. Previously every 3.5 hours, it is now every 1.5 hours.

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