Enhancement Shaman talents guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 29th Jul, 2022
Weber Enhancement Shaman Author

Recommended Talents

Recommended Single Target Night Fae Build

Recommended AoE / Funnel Necrolord Build

Alternative AoE Venthyr Build

Alternative AoE Venthyr Doom Winds Build

Boss specific recommendations and strategy:

Raid Bosses

Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Enhancement Shaman Lashing Flames TalentLashing FlamesPassive
Enhancement Shaman Forceful Winds TalentForceful WindsPassive
Enhancement Shaman Elemental Blast TalentElemental Blast2 sec cast

Elemental Blast is currently the strongest single target choice on this tier. Make sure to always use it on cooldown with 5 Maelstrom Weapon stacks and save some when it is about to come off cooldown to get maximum uptime on the stat buff it provides.

Forceful Winds should be used together with Doom Winds. Doom Winds adds a lot of Windfury Weapon hits to your damage breakdown and this talent improves those by a lot.

Lashing Flames profits massively from the newly reintroduced Flame Shock spread. It is a high execution talent on AoE. When running it without intent to funnel, you have to tab-target between Lava Lashes to have the debuff running on as many targets as possible. Since Flame Shock spread was implemented in a way that has Lava Lash cast full Flame Shocks, this is also a potent single-target talent now, as the initial damage gets buffed by it too.

Single Target: Elemental Blast / Lashing Flames

Funnel: Lashing Flames

AoE: Lashing Flames / Forceful Winds

Tier 2 (25)

Enhancement Shaman Stormflurry TalentStormflurryPassive
Enhancement Shaman Hot Hand TalentHot HandPassive
Enhancement Shaman Ice Strike TalentIce StrikeInstant

Hot Hand is the go-to choice for pure single target. Unfortunately, it is not RPPM but a flat chance, so there will be a wild difference between the number of procs with not much you can do about it between tries. This also synergizes with Lashing Flames to be able to get out your debuffs faster on AoE.

Stormflurry is another talent that should be used whenever you use Doom Winds. It can proc any effect that would trigger on a regular Stormstrike. This is also a solid choice on low-movement fights, single target fights where you can run Dreamweaver instead of Niya.

Ice Strike is a dead talent without any uses, never pick it.

Single Target: Hot Hand / Stormflurry

Funnel: Hot Hand

AoE: Stormflurry

Tier 3 (30)

Enhancement Shaman Spirit Wolf TalentSpirit WolfPassive
Enhancement Shaman Earth Shield TalentEarth ShieldInstant
Enhancement Shaman Static Charge TalentStatic ChargePassive

Spirit Wolf is just a nice passive movement speed and damage reduction talent. Very useful and great in intermissions where you can’t fight the boss but still take damage.

Unlike Elemental you actually have free GCDs to make use of Earth Shield as Enhancement. However the healing is miniscule and its main power is in the healing taken buff it provides. Can be useful in some niche scenarios, but shouldn’t be your default choice.

Static Charge will just let you use your Capacitor Totem more, which is great in dungeons.

Raiding: Spirit Wolf

Mythic+: Static Charge

Tier 4 (35)

Enhancement Shaman Elemental Assault TalentElemental AssaultPassive
Enhancement Shaman Hailstorm TalentHailstormPassive
Enhancement Shaman Fire Nova TalentFire NovaInstant

Elemental Assault is the single target talent of choice. Extra Stormstrike damage and Maelstrom Weapon generation are both very valuable, however they lose value as you fight more targets. This can be used in Mythic+ if your group needs more priority or boss damage.

Hailstorm, on the other end, is a great AoE talent. Note that you get stacks as you spend Maelstrom Weapon on other spells. You don’t spend it on Frost Shock directly. A cool side effect is that not only do you hit 6 targets for significant damage, but you also slow them. The cooldown on Frost Shock is short enough that if you have the resources to spend, you can permaslow a pack of 6 mobs, helping out your tank.

Fire Nova is now a viable option after Flame Shock spread was reintroduced into our kit. It is a bit more involved than playing Hailstorm but synergizes heavily with Chain Harvest and Lava Lash builds as those have an easy time getting to the maximum amount of 6 Flame Shocks.

Single Target: Elemental Assault

Funnel: Fire Nova

AoE: Fire Nova / Hailstorm

Tier 5 (40)

Enhancement Shaman Nature's Guardian TalentNature's GuardianPassive
Enhancement Shaman Feral Lunge TalentFeral LungeInstant
Enhancement Shaman Wind Rush Totem TalentWind Rush TotemInstant

Wind Rush Totem is basically always useful. Some fights require the whole raid to move quickly and you would use this to make that happen. If the encounter doesn’t require it you can also always use it as a personal movement cooldown.

Nature’s Guardian is a great passive defensive option and it can actually save you from death if you would get overkilled by less than 20% of your maximum life.

Feral Lunge is basically Charge at home. It causes a short GCD, it doesn’t generate any resources for you and you get put in the middle of the bosses hitbox rather than next to it, meaning you might get hit by frontals meant for the tank. Also we can use some of our spells from 20y range, so the short range covered by this is rarely ever useful. Only talent into this if you need to negate a knockback, otherwise Wind Rush Totem is strictly superior.

Raiding: Wind Rush Totem / Nature’s Guardian

Mythic+: Wind Rush Totem / Nature’s Guardian

Tier 6 (45)

Enhancement Shaman Crashing Storm TalentCrashing StormPassive
Enhancement Shaman Stormkeeper TalentStormkeeper1.5 sec cast
Enhancement Shaman Sundering TalentSunderingInstant

Sundering is the go-to talent in all situations. You can also save on-demand burst for the incap and an extra button to press when you’re running into downtime in single target. It can also proc Windfury Weapon, so it is a huge button to press during Doom Winds AoE. The talent also asks for the least active use out of you, which is more relevant now that the tier set reduces our downtime further and other buttons have had their value improved on AoE.

The Stormkeeper changes in 9.0.5 may have looked exciting at first, but they also fixed the bug of the empowered Chain Lightnings still benefitting from Maelstrom Weapon. So not only is this the only talent in the row you have to spend resources on, but the empowered Chain Lightnings don’t hit very hard and they don’t activate Hailstorm since you don’t spend any Maelstrom Weapon on them. Disappointing talent, don’t use it.

Crashing Storm is the sustained damage option competing with Sundering. Enemies have a tendency to move out of the generated pool which means you usually don’t even get the full damage of each cast and even if you did it isn’t tuned competitively with Sundering. Avoid this.

Raiding: Sundering

Mythic+: Sundering

Tier 7 (50)

Enhancement Shaman Elemental Spirits TalentElemental SpiritsPassive
Enhancement Shaman Earthen Spike TalentEarthen SpikeInstant
Enhancement Shaman Ascendance TalentAscendanceInstant

Elemental Spirits is the best talent on this tier; however, it is also very frustrating to use. The difference in power between the different wolves is relatively high. If you get a Hot Hand proc with two fire wolves, you’re flying, but you could also end up only getting lightning, and ice wolves throughout and attempt with your damage tanking. Don’t change your playstyle depending on what wolves you get. This heavily synergizes with the new tier set we are getting and is now the go-to talent in all situations.

Ascendance is no longer worth taking even when playing Doom Winds because the new set bonus massively favoring Elemental Spirits.

Earthen Spike is a bit undertuned at the moment and not really worth taking.

Raiding: Elemental Spirits

Mythic+: Elemental Spirits