Enhancement Shaman


Written by Cayna Last Updated: 23rd Apr, 2017

Playstyle & Rotation

Enhancement has a few things to look out for: buffs and debuffs, resource tracking and procs to react to. Overall it's a pretty simple gameplay style to pick up, but will require a lot of attention to master. Here I will be going over the normal rotation cooldowns and tips/tricks. To make the page look cleaner I will be posting a shorter priority system without cooldowns and talents we currently do not take.



Enhancement cleave is very single target focused. Our traits Gathering Storms, Raging Storms and now Lashing Flames let us gain big single target dps from cleave. This is why Emalon's Charged Core is very strong.


It's important you understand the two main Enhancement cooldowns to make sure you can maximize your dmg with them.

Feral spirit

  • Alpha Wolf is a single target increase, make sure this is 100% active during your Feral Spirit. I simply use a weakaura to track. To activate just Crash Lightning after you summon them, then Crash again when it seems fitting. Delaying wolves for aoe/cleave moments is very worthwhile.
  • Make sure you line Feral Spirit up with Bloodlust if possible! The wolves benefit from haste.

Doom winds:

  • Make sure you use this right AFTER you proc a Stormbringer. The trait Wind Strikes will give you a lot of attack speed, making Doom Winds do insane dmg.
  • Even without the attack speed from Wind Strikes it's still a strong spell. Make sure you delay this ability to kill high priority targets, for example empowered Eye of Gul'dan.
  • Line up with trinket procs/Bloodlust for max dmg output.


If you have Akainu's Absolute Justice you use Flametongue and Frostbrand Before wolves IF Hot Hand is taken. The reason being that you don't want to waste a Hot Hand proc.


Overall Enhancement is quite vulnerable. We only have Astral Shift and no passive dmg reduction alongside that. This makes it very hard to live trough certain mechanics like hellfire on Gul'dan. However, on sustained dmg taken we are very strong. Our self healing is strong and we are able to stay alive. Don't be afraid to use Healing Surge!