Enhancement Shaman playstyle and rotation guide

Patch 9.1 Last Updated: 20th Aug, 2021
Written by Weber Enhancement Shaman Author

Playstyle & Rotation

General Priority:

  1. Keep Windfury Totem active if not using Doom Winds
  2. Flame Shock if it is not active
  3. Lava Lash if Hot Hand is active
  4. Windstrike if Ascendance is active
  5. Vesper Totem if Kyrian
  6. Frost Shock with Hailstorm active
  7. Fae Transfusion if Night Fae
  8. Elemental Blast at 5 Maelstrom Weapon if talented
  9. Chain Harvest at 5 Maelstrom Weapon if Venthyr
  10. Lightning Bolt to not overcap Maelstrom Weapon
  11. Stormstrike
  12. Lava Lash
  13. Crash Lightning
  14. Flame Shock with 5.4 seconds duration or less
  15. Frost Shock
  16. Sundering if talented
  17. Lightning Bolt at 5 Maelstrom Weapon
  18. Healing Stream Totem


  1. (pre-pull) Windfury Totem if not using Doom Winds
  2. (pre-pull) Vesper Totem if Kyrian
  3. Flame Shock
  4. Fae Transfusion if Night Fae
  5. Feral Spirit
  6. Stormstrike
  7. Ascendance if talented

You want to get your important abilities on cooldown and Flame Shock running before you begin your Ascendance burst window. Also make sure you Stormstrike before you Ascendance, as it will reset the cooldown.

Multi Target:

  1. Frost Shock with Hailstorm active
  2. Keep the Crash Lightning buff active
  3. Sundering if talented
  4. Chain Lightning at 5 Maelstrom Weapon
  5. Crash Lightning
  6. Stormstrike / Windstrike
  7. Lava Lash

The Crash Lightning buff from hitting two or more targets with it is massively powerful and will provide you with extra damage and Maelstrom Weapon when you hit Stormstrike and Lava Lash. This should be maintained whenever possible, and if adds are about to die you should aim to refresh at the last possible second to get maximum uptime on it.

Ascendance can be used as an AoE cooldown too, since its initial hit on button press hits quite hard. With Sundering you should optimize for hitting the maximum number of targets, rather than getting a maximum number of casts off. Delaying it and only getting one cast but hitting five targets is better than getting two casts that only hit two targets each.


Cooldowns as a resource:

Enhancement has a rather unique playstyle, as what appears to be the the main resource Maelstrom Weapon doesn’t actually lead into high reward buttons. Lightning Bolt is in fact very low priority.

Instead the main goal to play Enhancement properly is to fill as much downtime and as many GCDs as possible while not wasting any Maelstrom Weapon. You do this by only spending Maelstrom Weapon on Lightning Bolt as a last resort. Rather focus on always getting your abilities on cooldown, because the sooner you get them on cooldown the sooner you will have them up again and only fill gaps by spending Maelstrom Weapon. Especially Stormstrike is important to get on cooldown so you can profit from getting Stormbringer procs. This will lead to you being able to use more abilities over the course of a fight, which turns into more damage.

The Doom Winds burst window:

To make the most out of your Doom Winds burst window you want to fit as many main hand melees into it as possible, which includes Stormstrike, Crash Lightning and Sundering. At the same time you also don’t want to lose Windstrikes during your Ascendance burst window. The ideal way to start out the burst window if both are ready is to:

  1. Stormstrike to get it on cooldown
  2. Ascendance 
  3. Windstrike
  4. Windfury Totem to activate Doom Winds
  5. Windstrike

As Windfury Totem only causes half a GCD this will get you all of your Windstrikes with exception of getting a Stormbringer proc on the very first one and at the same time you get your full Doom Winds during Ascendance, which drastically increases your available main hand melees.

In AoE on the other hand your main priority in the Doom Winds window is to get 3 Crash Lightning in it, as it will hit every single target in the cone with Windfury Weapon. As your Chain Lightning will reduce the cooldown of Crash Lightning if you hit multiple targets with it, spend Maelstrom more aggressively to make sure you get the third Crash Lightning into your cooldown.

Sundering should also be used during every other window, however don’t delay it to sync it up with every Doom Winds. It is more important to go for maximum hits with it and if you end up using it on cooldown you will get it every other window naturally.