Enhancement Shaman


Written by Cayna Last Updated: 23rd Apr, 2017

Stat Priorities

The base stats are Haste > Mastery > Critical Strike > Versatility. However, because of the way the stats work with Enhancement, you should sim your character. It is not uncommon for shamans to realize that suddenly versatility and critical strike is your best stat due to the low amount of versatility/critical strike you need to increase there DPS, compared to the amount of haste/mastery you need.

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Uncertain Reminder: Increase to BloodlustBloodlust is very strong for Enhancement. It looses power the longer the fight lasts. On Gul'dan mythic where we in Method only had 1 Bloodlust on a 15 min fight this would not be worth it. Overall a great legendary to have. 

Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnus Opus : Great defensive value and big stat stick. Prydaz dps increase is not bad. The stats are very strong on it. For fights where big burst dmg happens often this one is very strong, for example Gul'dan and Star Argur pre nerf.

Emalon's Charged Core: For any fight that has several 3+ cleave situations this is huge. Outside of that it's not even bad for single target, because of its huge amount of agility. By far the best legendary in cleave.

Akainu's Absolute Justice: With the changes in 7.2 this is a strong legendary. Together with the new trait Lashing Flames and the Eye of Twisting Nether you can now use Hailstorm. This will be your BiS for single target!

Roots of Shaladrassil: Just like Emalon's Charged Core this is a HUGE stat stick. On that note, it also has better secondary stats and the healing effect. For single this is close to being your best in slot. For fights with heavy sustained dmg it will be your best in slot for progress. 

Storm Tempest: One of the weaker Enhancement legendaries. It does less dmg in almost every situation. Single target, cleave and aoe it's behind other legendaries. Currently this is the worst legendary out there

Spiritual Journey: A very situational legendary. Currently the only fight I'd say this is good on would be Elisande, because of the huge amount of downtime on the boss and how much time you spend in Ghost Wolf. Also it's very decent in M+ and World Questing.

Sephuz's Secret: Very situational, with poor stats. Can give you a lot of short burst windows but requires a fight you can CC on cd. With the minor buff to it in 7.2 it's still far behind other legendaries. On a fight were the big priority adds are stunnable this would be best in slot for progress.

Eye of the Twisting Nether: A very good sustained legendary. Useful in all situations with great stats. Very good in combination with Akainu's Absolute Justice. Note that without Akainu's it's not worth running Hailstorm at the moment.

Kil'jaedens Buring Wish. Decent legendary, nothing bis. Gives us burst aoe if needed. The effect does not scale with our mastery. Big stat stick.

Soul of the Farseer Strong legendary for single target fights. Your main choice will be to take Tempest and Overcharge. and then combine it with Earthen Spike . Gains good value when you have downtime on the bosses from running out of range a lot. 

Smoldering Heart: A big RNG legendary but still gives great performence. Nothing better then having a 30 second long Ascendance on pull. Might not be the best choice for progress cause of RNG but for farm this is amazing. DO NOT use the talent when a proc is active. It will not add up the duration. However a proc during a Ascendance  will add up 

Most of our legendaries are very close, especially for single target. Sim your character to know what setups are most optimal for you!

Don't know how to sim? Check out the simulation craft guide by Lexi!

Trinkets & Effects

There are trinket lists in the shaman discord to check out. Titanforging gives shamans a hard time to choose what trinkets you want to use.

The best way to calculate stat priorities for your character is to "sim" your character

Find out how to sim


Keep in mind the damage difference is very very minor and unless you are going for the absolute w1 numbers this should not be taken to seriously.

Horde : Troll > Orc > Panda 

Alliance : Dranaei > Panda > Dwarf

Racial difference is VERY minor. Orc racial lines up well with out wolves for some more burst AOE. While Dranaei Have flat agility gain and a useful healing racial.



Socket Saber's Eye of Agility in one slot and socket Mastery/haste one in the rest.


You should always use the following consumables to maximize your damage:

Optional Consumables