Dragonflight Season 4: Dungeon Entrance Locations

Dragonflight Season 4: Dungeon Entrance Locations

Written by Tom - 17th April 2024

After a much anticipated wait, Season 4 of Dragonflight releases April 23rd. With it comes a different set of dungeons for the Mythic+ pool and upgraded item level rewards from the end of dungeon chest and the weekly Great Vault.

The 8 dungeons for season 4 are all of the dungeons that were originally released with Dragonflight’s launch, these include:

Although Dawn of the Infinite isn’t one of the dungeons available in Mythic+ mode, we have included its location at the end of the page because of updates to its Hard Mode’s tuning and rewards for Season 4. It should be slightly more challenging than a regular Mythic difficulty dungeon, has updated rewards (Hero track item) and won’t be on a timer like Mythic+ dungeons are.

To ensure you are well prepared for your adventures during season 4, we have compiled a list that shows all 8 dungeon entrance locations so that you can get started with your keys as soon as possible, and help to summon everyone there quickly.

With the addition of season 4, the dungeon portal hub in Valdrakken we were able to use in season 3 has now disappeared on PTR, leaving us to make our own way to the Dragonflight dungeons.

Algeth’ar Academy Entrance Location

We were first introduced to Algeth’ar Academy, a school for dragons to hone their abilities, as a mythic+ dungeon during season 1 of Dragonflight. This dungeon is remembered mainly for the bird boss Crawth, where your party had you throw balls into a goal and you would gain a buff based on which goal you scored in.

At the beginning of the dungeon, you also have access to 5 buffs, one buff for each secondary stat and 1 that increases healing received by the player.

Algeth'ar Academy Location MapAlgeth'ar Academy Location Image

The entrance to Algeth’ar Academy is in Thaldraszus, at the base of a tower at coordinates (58.28, 42.35). This is just below the un-instanced version of the Algeth’ar Academy.

Azure Vault Entrance Location

The Azure Vault, similar to Algeth’ar Academy, first featured as a mythic+ dungeon in season 1 of Dragonflight, where it was known as one of the harder keys for the season. The dungeon features 4 bosses, and each one is further into the depths of the vault than the last. There are plenty of enemies in the dungeon, mainly the primalists and blue dragons that have come to the vault seeking the knowledge held within.

Azure Vault Location MapAzure Vault Location Image

The entrance to Azure Vault is located within the Azure Archives in the Azure Span zone, at coordinates (38.89, 64.76).

Brackenhide Hollow Entrance Location

Brackenhide Hollow was one of the dungeons in the Dragonflight Season 2 mythic+ pool. This dungeon features many gnoll mobs and bosses, all with the goal of infecting the Azure Span zone with corruption and decay. The gnolls have taken tuskarr villagers captive from the nearby town of Iskaara and it is our goal to get them back, and drive back the source of the decay.

Brackenhide Location MapBrackenhide Dungeon Entrance Location

The entrance to Brackenhide Hollow is located in the village of Iskaara, in the Azure Span. The portal is on a pier in the western part of the town at coordinates (11.57, 48.78).

Halls of Infusion Entrance Location

The Halls of Infusion dungeon was originally available as a mythic+ dungeon in season 2 of Dragonflight. It features a large titan facility under Tyrhold that has been overrun by the primalists, and it’s fallen upon us to clear them out.

The dungeon also allows engineers to give everyone in their group a one-time use cheat death whilst in the dungeon, making those mythic+ runs that little bit easier with an engineer in the group.

Halls of Infusion Location MapHalls of Infusion Dungeon Entrance Location

The entrance to the Halls of Infusion is located inside Tyrhold in Thaldraszus. As you get there, head down to the lower level on the right hand side, and the portal will be at the end of the corridor. The coordinates for the entrance are (59.24, 60.64).

Neltharus Entrance Location

First introduced as a mythic+ dungeon in season 2 of Dragonflight, Neltharus was once the forge of the black dragonflight; it was where they forged most weapons and armour used on the Dragon Isles. After returning, it seems that the dungeon has become occupied by the Djaradin, a humanoid giant that has learnt how to use lava to its advantage.

Inside the dungeon there are various chains that can be used to quickly execute packs of mobs with less difficulty (stunning them and increasing their damage taken for a short time).

Neltharus Location MapNeltharus Dungeon Entrance Location

The Neltharus dungeon is located at the entrance to the keep of the Obsidian Citadel in the Waking Shores, just below where Wrathion and Sabellian are seated. The coordinates for the entrance are (25.57, 56.95).

The Nokhud Offensive Entrance Location

The Nokhud Offensive was added as a mythic+ dungeon in season 1 of Dragonflight, and is the first and only dungeon that allows players to put their dragon riding skills to the test. As it is set in the entire zone of Ohn'ahran Plains, players needed a way to navigate quickly and this is where dragon riding fits perfectly.

The Nokhud are one of the centaur clans in the Ohn'ahran Plains who have allied themselves with the primalists, and we are here to stop them from stealing the great Ohn’ahra’s power over the wind.

The Nokhud Offensive Location MapThe Nokhud Offensive Location Image

The entrance to the Nokhud Offensive dungeon is located at Maruukai in the Ohn’arahan Plains. The entrance is under the main building where the renown vendor for the Maruuk Centaur is found. The entrance coordinates are (62.01, 42.44).

Ruby Life Pools Entrance Location

The Ruby Life Pools, originally a mythic+ dungeon during season 1 of Dragonflight, is a hatchery for all dragon eggs and is vital for the survival of the dragon race. This is why we must stop the primalists who have overrun the dungeon, before they can corrupt the eggs and cause chaos on the Dragon Isles. This dungeon only has 3 bosses, making it one of the quicker keys for the season.

Ruby Life Pools Location MapRuby Life Pools Location Image

The entrance to Ruby Life Pools dungeon is found in the Waking Shores, in the snowy area just under the non-instanced version of the Ruby Life Pools at coordinates (60.00, 75.77).

Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Entrance Location

The final dungeon for season 4 is Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr. If you didn’t do this dungeon in Season 2 of Dragonflight, then this dungeon takes you back to somewhere you likely haven’t been to since classic wow, Uldaman. This is a titan vault located in the Badlands and is known to have many trinkets and treasures inside. The reason we are here is to find a relic, the discs of Tyr, in hopes that we can see into the titan keeper’s memories and restore them to an avatar of himself.

Uldaman Location MapUldaman Dungeon Entrance Location

The entrance to Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr is located within the Badlands zone at coordinates (41.10, 10.33). The entrance is the one on the upper path, the lower cave will take you into the classic version of Uldaman.

To get to the Badlands, players can take a portal from Valdrakken at (25.76, 40.32), which gets you much closer than if you were to travel there via a different portal network.

Badlands Portal in Valdrakken Location

Dawn of the Infinite Entrance Location

This dungeon won’t be available in Mythic+ mode in Season 4. However, Dawn of the Infinite Hard Mode has been scaled and had its rewards updated. If you’re looking for a challenge without a timer that drops a Hero track item, then Dawn of the Infinite Hard Mode is worth a try!

It's also worth noting that the last boss (not just during hard mode) has a chance to drop the Reins of the Quantum Courser item, which rewards you with a random dungeon mount that you don’t already have when used.

Dawn of the Infinite Location MapDawn of the Infinite Location Image

The entrance to Dawn of the Infinite is located at The Temporal Conflux, in the Southeast of Thaldraszus.