Revival Catalyst Guide for Dragonflight

Revival Catalyst Guide for Dragonflight

Written by Leyst - 12th June 2023

In Dragonflight Season 2 (Patch 10.1), players can once again utilize the Revival Catalyst to convert their gear pieces into tier set items. However, the Catalyst has undergone a few modifications and improvements for its return.

Most notably, the removal of the weekly quest to acquire charges (Renascent Shadowflame). This means that from week 1 of the catalyst being available again, all characters on your account will have a charge, automatically gaining a new charge each week. A welcomed change by many.

For a list of Class Tier Set items and the Stats each item has, you can read our List of Dragonflight Season 2 Class Tier Set Items and their Stats.

Revival Catalyst Release Date?

The Revival Catalyst release date is June 13th in North America and June 14th in Europe.

How to unlock the Revival Catalyst

To unlock the Revival Catalyst, you start by accepting the "Reviving the Machine" quest from Watcher Koranos at the top of the Seat of the Aspects (at the top of the highest tower in Valdrakken).

watcher koranos reviving the machine

To complete this quest, simply fly over to the location of the Revival Catalyst and hand the quest into Antuka, the NPC stood next to the Revival Catalyst Console.

What is the Revival Catalyst?

The Revival Catalyst allows you to transform non-tier items into tier pieces of the same item level. However, only head, shoulder, chest, hand, and leg items will be transformed into tier set pieces that provide bonuses (2-set and 4-set bonuses). The remaining items can either be converted into transmog items like bracers, cloaks, belts, and boots, or equipped because they may offer better stats for some classes.

season 2 revival catalyst tier set creation

How to get Revival Catalyst Charges

Each character will now have a maximum limit of 8 charges for the Revival Catalyst. The previous weekly quest to obtain these charges has been removed, and instead, you will automatically receive one Renascent Shadowflame charge every week.

Revival Catalyst Location

The Revival Catalyst can be found at Tyrhold, Thaldraszus.

Revival Catalyst map image Revival Catalyst zone image

Revival Catalyst Coordinates:

/way Thaldraszus 59.79 53.71 Revival Catalyst Entrance
/way Thaldraszus 60.64 53.71 Revival Catalyst

How to use the Revival Catalyst

Using the Revival Catalyst is straightforward. Simply place an eligible item in the catalyst user interface and use it to transform it into a tier piece of the same item level. Keep in mind that this will consume both the item and one Renascent Shadowflame charge.

season 2 revival catalyst example

Final Notes

Please keep in mind that you can still enhance your items using Flightstones and Crests, just like any other gear. Upgrading your items will preserve the path progress, as well as any Sockets and Tertiary Stats (such as Speed) they possess. However, it's important to note that Crafted Gear and Items obtained through Renown tracks are not eligible for use with the Revival Catalyst.