Arcane Mage Talents Guide

Patch 10.2.7 Last Updated: 28th May, 2024
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Class Talents

Shifting power is returning, sadly without the conduit, but it's still very beneficial.

Blast Wave is a returning spell. It was previously a knock-back on a 30 sec CD, which was extremely useful for Mythic+.

Temporal Warp was the famous double bloodlust ring from Legion, essentially granting you the ability to blood lust twice for yourself.

The good old Dragon's Breath is finally being added to all mage specs instead of just fire. It's essentially an uncapped AoE Disorient on a 45-sec cooldown. It's extremely strong in Mythic+, and some raid encounters where adds need to be controlled.

Talent Builds

Single Target (Raid)


We want to pick Arcane Surge + Radiant Spark + Touch of the Magi with Evocation as our DPS CD for a big main stat buff increase.

While on the class tree, we get the survivability with Greater invisibility / Mirror Image + Alter time and shifting power for faster cooldown recovery.

Mythic+ & AoE


While on the class tree, you can alternatively swap reduplication for blast wave if you feel like survivability is not an issue, and you could use a bit more CC or ice nova for damage.

Regarding the Spec Tree, the focus of this build is similar to the single target build we looked at, and the playstyles are also very similar.

Instead of Nether tempest, I recommend picking reverberate since it has more interaction with our barrage and mana regen, and Arcane Barrage into Arcane orb into Arcane barrage combos with Arcane Bombardment.

Alternatively, if you feel like mana is not an issue, you can swap out Mana Adept for improved clearcasting.

You can also use this setup on some bosses that have AoE, like Echo of Neltharion, Sarkareth and Forgotten Experiments. Orb Barrage is a very strong talent that has very strong AoE potential.