Arcane Mage Stats, Races & Consumables guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 7th Aug, 2022
Tamir Arcane Mage Author
s1qs Arcane Mage Author

Stat Priorities

Stat Ranking


Intellect > Mastery > Crit > Versa > Haste


Intellect > 12% Haste > Crit > Mastery/Vers

Stat Outline

Mastery - Increases maximum mana, mana regen, Arcane Charges further increases Arcane Blast, and Arcane Barrage damage. Mastery is basically a better version of versatility DPS-wise

for single target. We want around 26% Mastery or more because it will significantly smooth our mana regeneration and make the spec feels smoother.

Crit - A chance for your spells to deal double damage. The more you get of this the more frustrated you get when you don't crit in your cooldowns.

Versatility - Flat damage increase and healing increase, reducing damage taken as well.

Haste - Very good, but also a breakpoint stat, once you get close enough haste to fit in another Arcane Blast in your cooldowns the sims probably would indicate that haste is your best stat until you get the required haste.

The best way to calculate stat priorities for your character is to "sim" your character

Find out how to sim


Horde: Troll or Orc

Alliance: Dark iron dwarf or Mechagnome

I'd recommend Troll unless you’re able to swap races later on in the expansion as I predict the main stat to not be so dominant when you get more secondaries, which would devalue Orc.

Also with Troll I like to go low haste in my gearset because the racial covers up the haste breakpoint for Arcane Blast during Arcane Power.

If you play Night Fae, Orc doesn't really line up, since Arcane Power is a shorter cooldown, which makes it synergize way better with troll assuming you can hold troll racial for 12 seconds and not losing a cast of Arcane Power

When Arcane Prodigy reaches rank 7 or above, Orc Arcane Power will be a 1 min CD roughly, which means Orc will line up again, but Troll also will. The safer choice is therefore Troll in my opinion.

As for Alliance, I'd go Dark Iron Dwarf or Mechagnome, and probably switch to Human later on when you get a lot more secondaries.

On a side note, yes I'm aware of the secondary stats having diminishing returns, but I think this leads to stat priorities changing. So, for example, let's say you nearly hit the diminishing returns point for Mastery, you would simply swap to going for Crit instead.


Rings - Tenet of Mastery

Cloak - Fortified Avoidance

Bracers - Eternal Intellect

Chest - Eternal Stats

Weapon - Celestial Guidance or Sinful Revelation


Mastery Gem: Masterful Jewel Cluster


Food - Feast 

Potion - Intellect

Flask - Intellect 

Oil - Shadowcore