Arcane Mage

Patch 8.3

Written by Philwestside Last Updated: 26th Feb, 2020

Playstyle & Rotation

General Gameplay

The concept of Arcane is burn and conserve, where you deal massive damage during the burn phase and then save up resources during the conserve phase to get ready for the next burn phase. This makes Arcane incredible for bursting specific important targets in almost no amount of time. The downside is that you deal very low damage during the conserve phase.

Burn Phase

You can enter burn phase if the following statements are true.

  1. Arcane Power is ready
  2. You have 4 Arcane Charges
  3. You have at least 1 Rune of Power charge
  4. You have at least 30% mana

Rules in burn phase:

  1. Charged Up (if 1 or less Arcane Charges)
  2. Nether Tempest if 4 Arcane Charges and it’s not up or has 3 seconds remaining, Rune of Power or Arcane Power is not active (if talented)
  3. Arcane Blast (if Rule of Threes is active)
  4. Cast Rune of Power
  5. Cast Arcane Power
  6. Use Presence of Mind if Arcane Power will run out before you can finish your next Arcane Blast
  7. Cast Arcane Barrage on 3 or more targets if you have 4 Arcane Charges
  8. Cast Arcane Explosion on 3 or more targets
  9. Cast Arcane Missiles if you have Clearcasting, Arcane Power isn’t active and you have less than 95% mana
  10. Cast Arcane Blast
  11. Cast Evocation when you are out of mana
  12. Go into Conserve Phase

Conserve Phase

Rules in conserve phase:

  1. Charged Up (if zero charges)
  2. Rune of Power if you will cap on charges before Arcane Power is ready
  3. Arcane Blast if Rule of Threes is active
  4. Arcane Explosion if 3 or more targets and Clearcasting is active
  5. Arcane Missiles if Clearcasting is active
  6. Arcane Barrage if 3 or more targets and 4 Arcane charges
  7. Arcane Barrage if 4 Arcane Charges and less than 60% mana (80% mana if you are using the trait Equipoise)
  8. Arcane Explosion if 3 or more targets
  9. Cast Arcane Blast


  1. Use Azshara’s Font of Power 6 seconds before the pull (if you are using it)
  2. Use Potion of Focused Resolve 2 seconds before pull
  3. Precast Arcane Blast instantly after using your potion
  4. Use Charged Up, if not talented, cast 3 more Arcane Blasts
  5. Use Condensed Life-Force
  6. Use Rune of Power
  7. Use Arcane Power and any other racials and trinkets
  8. Cast Arcane Blast until Arcane Power runs out
  9. Use Presence of Mind if you will not get another Arcane Blast cast while Arcane Power is active
  10. Use another Rune of Power charge after Arcane Power ends
  11. Arcane Missiles only when Arcane Power isn’t active, Clearcasting is active and you have less than 95% mana
  12. Evocation when out of mana, then enter conserve phase