Arcane Mage

Patch 9.0

Written by s1qs Last Updated: 20th Nov, 2020

Some content in this guide is based on beta or early data

Updates will be made after raid progress is finished and more accurate information is available.

Playstyle & Rotation

General Rotation:

If you play overpowered.

Always use Clearcasting stacks, even during burn and cooldowns. During burn focus on casting Arcane Blast until your below 8% mana. When you hit 8% mana or below, use Evocation.

You now enter the conserve phase, where I like to do a semi burn, which basically means that I like to hover at 30% mana, and I will use a mana gem if I go below 20%.

When you get to 30% mana, cast Arcane Blast 4 times then barrage until you get arcane power back.

Always use Night Fae on cooldown, but not during Arcane Power.

Always save Touch of the Magi for Rune of Power, unless you're doing burst AoE.


  1. Touch of the Magi
  2. Arcane Power
  3. Presence of Mind
  4. 3x Arcane Blast
  5. Arcane Blast / Clearcasting till the end of Arcane Power
  6. Rune of Power after Arcane Power ends
  7. Spend all mana on Arcane Blast and use Clearcasting when available
  8. Evocation below 10% mana

Multi Target

  1. Touch of the Magi
  2. Arcane Power
  3. Arcane Barrage
  4. Arcane Orb
  5. Arcane Barrage
  6. Arcane Explosion till 4 charges
  7. Arcane Barrage