What Dragonflight Herbs do you need to Mill to get each Pigment?

What Dragonflight Herbs do you need to Mill to get each Pigment?

Written by Paul - 26th September 2023

The Dragonflight Inscription profession is very similar to the previous expansion’s version of the profession. At the core of Inscription is milling herbs into pigments that can then be turned into Ink; these Inks are then used for making various Inscription items and reagents. The pigments available are: Shimmering Pigment, Blazing Pigment, Serene Pigment and Flourishing Pigment.

Identifying which herbs you need to mill to get the pigment you need can be unclear when you are first starting with Inscription, which can lead to some trial and error and possibly some wasted herbs.

Having recently needed this information myself, I have put together a breakdown of which pigments you get when you mill the different herbs available in Dragonflight.

Pigment Herb
Shimmering Pigment Hochenblume
Blazing Pigment Saxifrage
Serene Pigment Bubble Poppy
Flourishing Pigment Writhebark

Remember that with most aspects of professions in Dragonflight there are different quality ranks to the pigments that are created when milling herbs. Because of this, make sure you are milling the correct quality rank of the respective herb for the pigment you are targeting.

Additionally, it's worth noting that the rank of the pigment and the amount of the pigment you receive is also affected by your skill in Inscription and how you have spent your Profession Knowledge Points in the profession specialization trees.

milling herbs to pigments inscription example

I hope that this information has helped you with your character's Inscription journey!