Protection Warrior

Patch 8.3

Written by Justwait Last Updated: 17th Jan, 2020

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Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Into the FrayPassive
Impending VictoryInstant

Into the Fray gives you a considerable amount of Haste for each ally and enemy within 10 yards up to a cap of 15%, making this one of our best talents on this row for overall uptime and viable stat increase across a vast majority of content, the only time you would not take this talent is when you’re purely solo tanking away from your team with a single target.

Punish is a more lackluster but dependable alternative to Into the Fray with the added benefit of it’s offensive and defensive value via Shield Slam that bounces off Heavy Repercussions, by adding the azerite traits Brace for Impact and Iron Fortress into the fold this becomes a well rounded talent for a heavy mix of dps and extended active mitigation.

Impending Victory is VERY situational, this gives you an additional 30 second cooldown that resets with killing blows, this pales in comparison to the other two options on this row for overall uptime on it’s benefits.

Tier 2 (30)

Crackling ThunderPassive
Bounding StridePassive

Crackling Thunder is a simple talent that increases the effective range of Thunder Clap, providing you with a means of consistent AoE dps, this is your go-to talent for Mythic+ and add based raid encounters not only due to it’s damage capabilities via the Deafening Crash azerite trait but also it’s damage reduction abilities when combined with Booming Voice.

Bounding Stride is a strong talent choice for raid tanking and Mythic+ weeks including the Necrotic affix, it provides a static reduction to Heroic Leap and gives you some added speed.

Safeguard increases Intercept’s defensive capabilities by providing additional mitigation for your intercepted target, this has some interesting applications when well coordinated for tank swaps on hard hitting raid bosses if your co-tank needs a small ramp up into their mitigation.

Tier 3 (45)

Best Served ColdPassive
Unstoppable ForcePassive
Dragon RoarInstant

Best Served Cold is a talent that becomes more effective with AoE fights however for the majority of players it doesn't hold a candle to the majesty of Unstoppable Force even after it’s recent nerfs, it provides a 25% increase to your Revenge damage when played effectively.

Unstoppable Force makes your Avatar increase the damage of Thunder Clap and reduces it’s cooldown substantially, this provides us with one of the strongest damage windows currently in the game for AoE potential.

Dragon Roar, much like Best Served Cold cannot compare to Unstoppable Force and should only be taken in the event you direly require it’s situational application of a slow to multiple targets.

Tier 4 (60)

Never SurrenderPassive

Indomitable is a simple 10% increase to your health pool, while more health is always nice to have, having a tool at your disposal is always better, if you’re learning to tank this will provide some minor survivability however the other talents on this row give you more opportunities to improve and get yourself out of sticky situations.

Never Surrender is a simple increase to your Ignore Pain, when combined with the azerite trait Bloodsport this can be very strong, however it’s not a saving grace.

Bolster is easily the strongest talent on this row for it’s defensive utility, this talent makes you block all incoming melee attacks for 15 seconds when using Last Stand, making you near unkillable at low health percentages.

Tier 5 (75)

Rumbling EarthPassive
Storm BoltInstant

Menace makes targets feared by Intimidating Shout cower in fear rather than running away alongside increasing its duration by an extra 4 seconds, it’s a very reliable option for fast and effective CC during Mythic+ however in raids it can be a stretch to find valid areas to apply it during an encounter.

Rumbling Earth reduces your Shockwave cooldown by 15 seconds when it strikes at least three targets at once, this can be great for add fights where you need a backup interrupt or need to stun a large wave of adds for cleaving them down if the spawn on a timer.

Stormbolt provides us with a second stun in our toolkit that across the duration of a fight can equate to a decent amount of damage if used purely offensively, it’s CC capabilities are adequate for assisting your team.

Tier 6 (90)

Booming VoicePassive

Booming Voice is a fantastic talent in this tier, with it’s rage generation alongside it’s offensive and defensive capabilities this makes for a very simple and effective go-to talent in its current form for all avenues of content.

Vengeance is a strong talent if you’re looking to have an offensive play style based around reducing cooldowns however it’s overall value in comparison to the counterparts in this row make it a less desirable choice.

Devastator causes your auto attacks to cast Devastate, with a low chance to reset the cooldown on Shield Slam this talent is good for offense but still not as well rounded as Booming Voice.

Tier 7 (100)

Anger ManagementPassive
Heavy RepercussionsPassive

Anger Management is incredibly versatile talent choice, by taking this you reduce the cooldowns of everything that makes Protection Warrior great for every 10 rage you spend, across the board this alone makes it one of the strongest talents available to us in our toolkit and only looks to improve with the essence system.

Heavy Repercussions is a strong defensive option providing you with extended mitigation through Shield Block, this also plays well with Punish for an added portion of offense if you’re so inclined.

Ravager is a talent that has struggled to find its feet for a while now, It’s another offensive cooldown but it’s nothing compared to the utility present in this talent row.