Protection Warrior Gearing Guide

Patch 10.2 Last Updated: 7th Nov, 2023
Nate Protection Warrior Author


Tier Sets:

The Protection Warrior tier set for 10.2 is still very strong despite the nerfs it received prior to it going live. The tier set does interrupt the flow of your rotation through Thunder Clap resets, but it’s ultimately positive as it provides a large amount of single target damage, on top of a very high uptime 10-15% damage reduction buff. It’s a very fun tier set to play with and to top it off, it also provides cooldown reduction to one of our major offensive cooldowns, Thunderous Roar!

The 2-set bonus gives your Rage Spending abilities a chance to cause your next Shield Slam to consume your bleeds on a target, instantly dealing the remaining damage of your bleeds, and reducing your damage taken by 10% for 5 seconds.

The 4-set provides us an additional 2% damage reduction for each bleed effect consumed, and when your Shield Slam consumes a bleed, the cooldown of Thunderclap is reset and the cooldown of Thunderous Roar gets reduced by 3 seconds.

One thing to note, is that for some reason Ignore pain’s average chance to proc the tier set is higher than our other Rage Spenders. This highly incentivizes you to use ignore pain as much as possible since it has a high chance to give you a large damage boost.


Beacon to the Beyond

The Beacon to the Beyond trinket although its from Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible, it still does a huge amount of damage despite the nerf. It’ll likely be irreplaceable until you manage to get your hands on some of the new heroic raid trinkets. It provides mastery as a base stat, which is great for Paladin defensively. The on-use effect is a channel that deals a massive amount of cosmic damage split between all nearby enemies, increased for each enemy struck (up to 5).

Fyrakk’s Tained Rageheart

Similarly to Beacon to the Beyond last tier, this trinket is a must have. It’s easily the best trinket with current tuning and its raw damage alone is enough to warrant picking it up, and then it also has a defensive component. 

Cataclysmic Signet Brand

This trinket is currently producing a large amount of damage on the PTR. The trinket builds in strength as you remain in combat, with a cap of 15 stacks. Once you reach the cap you suffer 10% of the damage split between enemies. If you like chain pulling in M+ you’ll love this trinket.

Prophetic Stonescales

A cheat death trinket that restores a large portion of your health as well as providing a huge haste buff and 20% damage reduction. The effect can only occur once every 8 minutes. This trinket is a must have!

Rezan’s Gleaming Eye:

Making a return from BFA, this trinket is coming back in a slightly nerfed version having lost its haste proc. The trinket itself is still okay, but there are significantly better options available currently.

Pip’s Emerald Friendship Badge

A big stat stick. Doesn’t synergise particularly well with Protection Paladin but if you manage to get it to trigger during wings you’ll output a large amount of solid damage. Every 12 seconds you have a chance to trigger the trinket, providing a massive amount of secondary stats before diminishing over 12 seconds, giving you a chance to proc it again. It’s proc chance isn’t great, but it’s not an awful option.

Accelerating Sandglass

The haste buff from this trinket is nice but similarly to Pip’s trinket, it’s nothing special. You gain up to 8 stacks of a haste buff. Once you receive your first stack, a 20 second timer starts and that’s when you’ll begin to build stacks. When the buff expires it deals damage and the effect repeats. 

Gore-Crusted Butcher Block:

Another BFA trinket coming back into the mix. Butcher Block is a crit stat stick. It has good value in mythic plus, less so in raid. It’s a solid choice but there are definitely better options on the market.

Gift of Ursine Vengeance

This trinket is a potent tank option. It was a powerhouse of an option before the most recent round of nerfs, seeing its potential drop and likely only being sought after for mythic plus. It’s still a good option for raiding but there are better. It’s a stat stick that procs from any damage event every 3 seconds.

Best Embellishments for Protection Warrior

Notable Items

Gholak, the Final Conflagration

A drop from Fyrakk, this weapon has massive value, providing a large damage proc. There is the downside of it dealing damage back to you, but the amount is negligible. 

Servant Splitter

Easily the best weapon from Mythic+ that’s obtainable. If you’re unable to get your hands on Fyrakk’s weapon, this is the next best thing. At the cost of some secondary stats not being present, it gives you a large damage dot proc.