How to get the Tuskarr Dinghy Toy In Dragonflight (River Rapids Wrangler Achievement)

How to get the Tuskarr Dinghy Toy In Dragonflight (River Rapids Wrangler Achievement)

Written by Leyst - 28th August 2023

The Tuskarr Dinghy toy is a reward for completing the River Rapids Wrangler Achievement.

In this article, we'll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to obtain the Tuskarr Dinghy toy in Dragonflight. The acquisition of this amazing boat requires the completion of an 8-part questline and the achievement known as River Rapids Wrangler. And, rest assured, you can use the boat for fishing!


To begin the questline talk to Ruriq, who can be found in The Azure Span among his Tuskarr Fishermen companions.

Ruriq zone image Ruriq npc map


/way The Azure Span 44.77 50.62 Ruriq NPC


Before attempting to earn the River Rapids Wrangler Achievement, players must first complete a set of 8 quests. These quests also serve as a requirement for obtaining the Kauriq Gleamlet, a part of the Sojourner of Azure Span.

  1. Mammoths Matter
  2. Culling the Cullers
  3. Tackling the Falls
  4. The Gleamfisher (the fish are located in the nets)
  5. Ice Breakers
  6. Wayward Winds
  7. A Wrestle of Wind and Water
  8. Ruriq’s River Rapids Ride

River Rapids Wrangler Achievement

To earn the River Rapids Wrangler, you must successfully catch 40 fish in a single session of Ruriq's River Rapids Ride. This challenge can be taken on by speaking with Ruriq after completing the final quest, named Ruriq’s River Rapids Ride.

To begin the boat ride for the achivement, speak with Ruriq at the Kauriq Gleamlet and select the option "I'd like to take your River Rapids Ride again."

Once you jump onto the boat you will get 2 new abilities:

  1. Throw Net – Throw a small net at a distant fish.
  2. Drop Wide Net – Drop a large net in the area to catch a nearby fish.
Ruriq Boat Ride image Ruriq Boat Ride map image


/way The Azure Span 45.00 54.03 River Rapids Wrangler

River Rapids Wrangler Achievement Tips

To get the River Rapids Wrangler Achievement you need to catch 40 fish with you 2 new abilities before you make your way to the bottom of the river.

As soon as you talk to the Ruriq and click on "I'd like to take your River Rapids Ride again" you can start using your new abilities.

Throw Net:

  • Use it on the fish in front of you (Don't use it on the fish that are grouped together)
  • The fish will respawn behind you, so make sure to turn your camera around and use the ability on the fish that respawned

Drop Wide Net:

  • Use the Drop Wide Net ability when you are on top of a group of fish and use the Throw Net ability on the fish further in-front of you.

I hope this guide was useful towards getting your Tuskarr Dinghy Toy, adding one to your collection!