Enhancement Shaman


Written by Cayna Last Updated: 23rd Apr, 2017


Welcome to the Enhancement Shaman guide for legion patch 7.2.5. Currently, Enhancement is a very viable spec. With a strong short window burst cd and great cleave, Enhancement can bring a lot of damage in a short window. While the utility of the spec might be lacking, the game play is extremely fun and fast-paced. You have got to manage your resources, buffs and react to procs while making choices all the time. It's an interactive rotation that's simple to learn but will take quite some time to master.

This guide is written and will be kept up to date by Cayna, a raider in Method.
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Important Patch 7.2.5 Changes

There were no new Enhancement changes for Patch 7.3.

Tomb of Sargeras Tier Set

2p: After using Crash Lightning we get 5% crit. 

4p: When our Stormstrike Deals damage Crash Lightning does 35% more damage, stacking up 15 times. Even though the effect is a smaller DPS gain on single target compared to the NH 4set. The ilvl increase still makes it worthwhile to obtain this 4set. On a fight with cleave / Were crash lightning gets used this tier bonus becomes A lot more powerful.