Dragonflight Season 4 End of Dungeon and Great Vault Rewards

Dragonflight Season 4 End of Dungeon and Great Vault Rewards

Written by Horaddrim - 18th April 2024

Dragonflight Season 4 is coming next week, starting the Awakened season and letting us have some fun with a load of trinket combinations and the community voted tier set bonus and appearances!

Starting out on April 23rd, 2024 for US realms, and 24th for EU realms, you will be able to jump into the Season 4 Mythic+ dungeon rotation of the original 8 Dragonflight dungeons; Algeth’ar Academy, Azure Vault, Brackenhide Hollow, Halls of Infusion, Neltharus, The Nokhud Offensive, Ruby Life Pool and Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr.

The main difference between this season and previous seasons is that both Mythic raid and Mythic+ rewards will be available at their maximum item level in the first week, with the only restriction being the amount of each of the new Awakened Crests you are able to obtain. The second being that all Keystones will be dropped to level 2, unlike previous Seasons where it would drop by a fixed amount; meaning you could push a high key on the last week of the previous season to start the next season with a high key, this won't be possible for the start of Season 4.

Season 4 Mythic+ Affix Levels

Keep in mind that with the Key level shrink starting in Season 4, you will only face 2 affixes on Mythic+ level 9 keys, which reward the highest end of dungeon loot and Myth Track from the Great Vault, meaning your weekly keys got a little bit easier.

With the Mythic+ rework for Season 4, an additional affix will be active at key levels +2, +5, and +10.

Keystone Level Affixes
+2 Fortified or Tyrannical
+5 Entangling, Incorporeal, Volcanic, Storming or Afflicted
+10 Sanguine, Bursting, Spiteful, Raging or Bolstering

This means that you will never have a key that has multiple affixes from the same level band. For example, you wouldn't have a key with Entangling and Incorporeal or with Sanguine and Bursting.

Season 4 Mythic+ Awakened Crests

Just like in Season 3, as the Key level of the dungeon you do increases, the type of crests that drop after completing the dungeon improve.

Likewise, the amounts that you are rewarded will be the same:

  • 5 Crests if you complete the key, but not within the timer.
  • 12 Crests if you complete the key within the timer.

The type of Crests that are awarded based on the key level are shown below.

Keystone Level Crests Rewarded
0 Drake's Crests
2-5 Wyrm's Crests
6+ Aspect's Crests

Mythic+ Dungeon and Great Vault Item Level Breakdown

The table below shows the item level of the reward for each Mythic+ key level and regular Mythic dungeons (also known as Mythic 0 dungeons). The item level that drops at the end of the dungeon from the box and the reward from the weekly Great Vault vary, with some overlaps between key levels.

Key Level Reward Track End of Dungeon Item Level Great Vault Reward Track Great Vault Item level
0 Champion 1/8 493 Hero 1/6 506
2 Champion 2/8 496 Hero 2/6 509
3 Champion 3/8 499 Hero 2/6 509
4 Champion 3/8 499 Hero 3/6 512
5 Champion 4/8 502 Hero 3/6 512
6 Champion 4/8 502 Hero 4/6 515
7 Hero 1/6 506 Hero 4/6 515
8 Hero 1/6 506 Myth 1/4 519
9 Hero 2/6 509 Myth 1/4 519
10+ Hero 2/6 509 Myth 2/4 522

We tried to keep the table above as simple as possible, only showing the item level that drops and what stage of the respective upgrade track that it's a part of. The following tables for Champion, Hero and Myth Track, give a full breakdown of what item level each stage of the upgrade track provides.

Champion Track

Track level Item Level
1/8 493
2/8 496
3/8 499
4/8 502
5/8 506
6/8 509
7/8 512
8/8 515

Hero Track

Track level Item Level
1/6 506
2/6 509
3/6 512
4/6 515
5/6 519
6/6 522

Myth Track

Track level Item Level
1/4 519
2/4 522
3/4 525
4/4 528

Myth track level items are only available from the Great Vault and the Awakened raids on Mythic difficulty.

The structure remains the same for Very Rare items, that being it dropping at 6 item levels above regular items from the same boss, going all the way up to 535 for Mythic versions if they are from the last 2 bosses. For example the Neltharion’s Call to Suffering trinket from Aberrus, drops at 535 item level in the Mythic version of the item, since it's a Very Rare item from the second to last boss.

This big Mythic+ rework is for sure a very welcome change, and hopefully this guide helped you understand how Mythic+ will look like going forward!