Discipline Priest Stats, Races and Consumables Guide

Patch 10.2.7 Last Updated: 7th May, 2024
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Stat Priorities

Stat Ranking

Int > Haste > Crit > Versatility > Mastery

Stat Outline

Crit has synergy with some of our talents, specifically Divine Aegis, which increases this stats value a lot when talented.

Haste impacts how fast you can cast your spells which is incredibly important for raid ramps in particular, as more haste gives you the ability to fit in more atonements into a single ramp before they start falling off.

For dungeons more haste can be the difference between the life or death of your party members, as burst damage in the new dungeons can happen incredibly fast. This makes it critical to have a lot of haste so you can fire off your damaging spells to heal through Atonement.

Due to Mastery being the only stat not granting any extra damage it loses some value in Mythic+ and difficult raid encounters where you would like to squeeze out as much damage as possible to help out the group in downtime.



Goblin grants access to the ability Rocket Jump which can be incredibly powerful in the right situation, as priests in particular are lacking in terms of burst movement cooldowns. Goblin also gives a flat 1% haste increase from its racial passive, Time is Money, which is a nice bonus since haste is the best secondary stat for discipline. For most scenarios Goblin will be your go-to race as it gives you the best benefits out of all of them.

Trolls have Berserk which can be an incredibly useful tool in both raid and dungeons for Discipline Priests. In raid it can be used to speed up a ramp allowing you to complete it faster and being able to fit in more atonements before they start falling off. In dungeons it can be a nice boost during heavy damage when you really need to fire off your spells faster.

Blood Elf gives you Arcane Torrent, an AoE purge that also restores 3% of your mana. At best this will help you out whenever you need to mass purge and don’t have access to mass dispel, and at worst it is a nice boost of mana every 2 minutes.


On the alliance side we have Night Elves that come with the racial ability Shadowmeld. For those that are more interested in playing Discipline Priest in dungeons this racial is an incredibly potent and versatile racial. For example it can allow you to meld out of combat at the end of a wipe to resurrect teammates, perform skips through a dungeon or drop aggro at a moments notice.

Dwarf has this tier seen a massive increase in how many people have swapped to it, this is mainly due to how powerful Stoneform has been on the last 2 Mythic bosses to dispel relevant boss mechanics, on top of this Stoneform is also an incredibly powerful tool for Mythic+ as its one of the few abilities in the game that can remove bleeds, being a Dwarf is by no means necessary for raid, but it will be the recommended race if you’re focused on Mythic+.

Void Elf has the racial ability Spatial Rift. This racial can be situationally useful when used at the right moment as it creates and sends out a portal in one direction that can be teleported to within a short timeframe. This can be used to avoid certain mechanics and can be a lifesaver in the right hands.


Weapon - Enchant Weapon - Sophic Devotion

Rings - Enchant Ring - Devotion of Haste

Chest - Enchant Chest - Reserve of Intellect

Bracer - Enchant Bracer - Devotion of Leech

Boots - Enchant Boots - Plainsrunner’s Breeze

Cloak - Enchant Cloak - Regenerative Leech

Legs - Temporal Spellthread

Belt - Shadowed Belt Clasp


1x - Fierce Illimited Diamond

For the rest - Crafty Ysemerald


General Consumables

Food: Grand Banquet of the Kalu’ak or Fated Fortune Cookie

Healing Potion: Dreamwalker's Healing Potion

Weapon Enhancement: Howling Rune

Augment Rune: Draconic Augment Rune

Phial: Phial of Tepid Versatility

Raid Consumables

Mana Potions: Aerated Mana Potion or Potion of Frozen Focus

Throughput Potion: Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power (Only use if you have no mana issues)

Dungeon Consumables

Mana Potions: Aerated Mana Potion or Potion of Frozen Focus

Throughput Potion: Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power (Healing or Single-Target Damage) or Potion of Shocking Disclosure (Mass AoE Damage)

Invisibility Potion: Potion of the Hushed Zephyr