Discipline Priest

Patch 9.0

Written by Buythelight & Mitzki Last Updated: 16th Jan, 2021

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    Tier 1 (15)

    Twist of FatePassive
    Schism1.5 sec cast


    Schism is a strong talent that supplements the discipline priest toolkit very well. It is a hard hitting ability that also increases your damage done to the target for the next 9 seconds. When you are playing spirit shell, you will have Schism available for every spirit shell, and usually you can use one Power Word: Radiance charge while waiting for Spirit Shell to come off cooldown, and with that you generally want to use schism too.

    In raids, Twist of Fate is seldomly picked, and you need a high uptime when it matters (i.e. when you would’ve used Schism), but even that may not be enough. Schism is a 25% amp with a 150% SP hit, Twist of Fate offers no initial hit and only a 20% amplification, and as such has to offer you throughput outside of your Schism windows. 

    It is not recommended to play Twist of Fate if you pick Spirit Shell as your level 50 talent, as the talent itself should be played to prevent damage and Twist of Fate will rarely proc during your ramp.


    Unlike Schism, Twist of Fate does buff your non-atonement healing, and as such with a Twist of Fate proc, your Shadowmends will offer very powerful spot healing. This makes Twist of Fate a good talent in M+.

    Tier 2 (25)

    Body and SoulPassive
    Angelic FeatherInstant


    For our level 25 row, Angelic Feather is the prefered option, having access to long-duration 40% movement speed buff is really powerful, and unlike Body & Soul, it has no mana requirement.


    Just like for raiding, Angelic Feather is the prefered option in M+ when in the need of a movement speed bonus. A downside to instead picking Body and Soul is that in moments where you need extra movement speed, there is a chance that you are afflicted by Weakened Soul from applying atonement on yourself, thus making it impossible for you to boost your movement speed.

    Masochism deserves an honourable mention, it has seen a lot of play in high M+ to prevent one-shots and if you need the damage reduction to survive a mechanic to enable a strategy, giving up Angelic Feather can be worth it.

    Tier 3 (30)

    Shield DisciplinePassive
    Power Word: SolaceInstant


    Mindbender has really good synergy with the new and powerful level 50 talent: Spirit Shell. When you play Spirit Shell, combined with the Clarity of Mind legendary, you can effectively ramp every 60 seconds (More on that later, on the level 50 talent row), making Mindbender the prefered option in this row for Spirit Shell fights.

    Power Word: Solace is the better option if you are playing Evangelism, Shadowfiend lines up every second Evangelism, whereas you would have to hold Mindbender for 30s to sync it up with Evangelism.


    In M+, Mindbender is a solid pick if you can use it CD and get good value out of it. If you don’t get the full value, such as keeping it on cooldown for too long, Power Word: Solace is a perfect contender. Keep in mind that Mindbender replaces the 3-minute cooldown Shadowfiend. Shadowfiend hits harder and can be a good cooldown when there is heavier damage.

    In M+, Power Word: Solace is also a good option. It gives you an instant button to press when you need to dodge that pesky prideful stun and still heal at the same time! Mindbender is an alternative to Power Word: Solace if there is a lot of running and downtime in the dungeon.

    Tier 4 (35)

    Psychic VoicePassive
    Dominant MindPassive
    Shining ForceInstant


    Shining Force in the level 35 utility row can have some niche use. From experience over the past two expansions, Shining Force has seen some use in raids, such as knocking adds back on Aggramar, forcing those irritating Psychophages on N’zoth away from you or even as a reverse death grip if your raid leader has to be creative due to setup limitations.


    In M+ Shining Force can be used to knock mobs out of sanguine or used on the tank to help create a distance when needing to kite. Just be careful not to push the mobs into another pack as the knock itself is very powerful.

    Tier 5 (40)

    Sins of the ManyPassive
    Shadow CovenantInstant


    Sins of the Many is the default pick. It is a flat gain with no downside, unlike Shadow Covenant which can do decent healing, but the tradeoff being the high mana cost and locking you out of, in particular, dispel, feather, Desperate Prayer and Pain Suppression.


    Sins of the many is the default pick. It is a flat gain with no downside. In M+ there will be downtime where you don’t have to heal anything but the tank with atonement and then you can get juicy value out of the full 12% damage buff!

    Shadow Covenant can do decent healing and will buff your Mind Sear AoE damage, but the tradeoff can be high. It locks out all your holy spells, even utility and defensives!

    Tier 6 (45)

    Purge the WickedInstant
    Divine StarInstant
    Halo1.5 sec cast


    Purge the Wicked is the default pick for this row in both raids and M+. Whenever you add a second target to any encounter, Purge the Wicked pulls ahead of the alternatives, and the better you are at not having to spend mana on refreshing Purge the Wicked by using Penance to spread the same Purge the Wicked debuff back and forth, the better it becomes. 

    Note that for pure single target, Halo outperforms Purge the Wicked by a slight margin.


    Purge the Wicked is the default pick for this row in both raids and M+. Whenever you add a second target to any encounter it pulls ahead in numbers in comparison to the other two alternatives.

    It is also very difficult to pull off Halo in a dungeon without accidentally ninja pulling half the instance. It is also hard to make good value out of Divine Star, since people are not always stacked up. This leaves Purge the Wicked, which is a solid option. The dot spread mechanic through penancing a dotted target saves global cooldowns and mana when playing.

    Tier 7 (50)

    Spirit ShellInstant


    Spirit Shell and Evangelism are both viable options in raids.

    Spirit Shell on its own is not very powerful, however, when supported by borrowed power from Shadowlands, such as the Clarity of Mind legendary it makes Spirit Shell very potent. Clarity of Mind makes Spirit Shell extend all active atonements by 3 seconds and reduce your mana cost of offensive abilities by 30%. 

    Even though Evangelism extension is 3 seconds longer than Spirit Shell’s Clarity of Mind extension, Evangelism is on the global cooldown whereas Spirit Shell is off the global cooldown (Which is 1.5s at 0% haste). Spirit Shell is also modified by the Exaltation potency conduit, which increases all your absorbs by 6% at rank 1 during Spirit Shell, since all your healing after ramping is going to be coming from atonement, it will be turned into shielding instead and amplified by Exaltation

    You will be giving up Rapture and regular Evangelism for this 1-minute cooldown pseudo Evangelism, but on a 30s shorter cooldown which also lines up Mindbender as mentioned previously.

    The absorb from Spirit Shell lasts for 10s, duration refreshed whenever they receive more Spirit Shell shielding, meaning you can ramp 13-15 seconds before the damage event if it’s instant, and none of your shields will be lost. This is an incredibly powerful new tool in the arsenal of Discipline and should not be underestimated. It is recommended that you always save Mindgames for your upcoming Spirit Shell ramp which is unfortunate, but the payoff is more than worth it. Do not be surprised if either the legendary or the conduits synergy with Spirit Shell specifically gets tuned. 

    Evangelism is the tried, true and tested talent that discipline mains from Legion and Battle for Azeroth will be very familiar with. It’s a flat 6-second bonus duration to all active atonements. This talent is great for encounters where you want throughput every 45s or every 90s. 

    Thanks to the new Clarity of Mind legendary, your Rapture ramps will be very potent on their own, making Evangelism a really strong pick for encounters with 45s timers or where you need everything you can give every 90s, giving you the option of a really strong Rapture + Evangelism ramp. Being Venthyr, you will have access to your covenant ability giving you a big burst of damage every 45s, perfect if you’re alternating your raid cooldowns!


    Lenience is the default pick for mythic+. It gives you a slight damage reduction for your tank and overall the alternatives are not very impressive for Mythic+ since it is 5 man content and they both synergize better with bigger groups.