Discipline Priest

Patch 8.3

Written by Joshpriest Last Updated: 21st Jan, 2020

Some content in this guide is based on PTR/early data

Updates will be made after raid progress is finished and more accurate information is available.

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    Tier 1 (15)

    Twist of FatePassive
    Schism1.5 sec cast

    Castigation: Castigation makes Penance shoot another bolt, effectively increasing its damage and healing done by 33%. Penance is currently not a very powerful spell, and as such giving it another 33% is not really worth it, especially considering that Schism makes it hit harder than Castigation would anyway.

    Twist of Fate: Twist of Fate gives us a 20% damage and healing increase when healing a target below 35%. While this can be quite powerful, it’s not very reliable. In comparison, Schism is completely controllable and allows us to choose when exactly we want the additional throughput. As disc priest healing comes in waves naturally due to the cooldown of radiance, even with very high uptime Twist of Fate is often less attractive than schism.

    Schism: A powerful nuke on a 24 second cooldown that increases our own damage done (Note: does not increase our Shadowfiend and Mindbender’s damage) by 40% for 9 seconds. This is an incredible spell/cooldown that Discipline priests currently mostly revolve around. It has a very significant impact on our throughput, and is important to have ready whenever heavy raid damage is incoming, both for smaller and bigger ramp ups. This talent is essential, and is the ideal pickup for any content.

    Recommended talents: Schism for dungeons and raids, Twist of Fate if you struggle to keep the tank alive in dungeons.

    Tier 2 (30)

    Body and SoulPassive
    Angelic FeatherInstant

    Body and Soul: Makes our Power Word: Shield apply a 40% movement speed increase for 3 seconds. This can have some fringe uses for providing movement speed, but is generally outclassed by the much more controllable Angelic Feather. Other people often get annoyed when they randomly get sped up.

    Masochism: Makes the debuff applied to yourself by Shadow Mend heal instead of damage and reduces your damage taken by 10%. On fights where mobility isn’t super needed and the GCD spend on feather isn’t worth it, Masochism becomes a potentially powerful choice. Generally, mobility will be stronger, but don’t count Masochism out if you need to survive a big hit.

    Angelic Feather: Our primary movement spell, Angelic Feather puts down a feather on the ground, granting 40% movement speed for 5 seconds to whoever picks this up. You will primarily be using this on yourself, but it can be utilized to give certain allies an extra movement speed boost when needed. Using the Angelic Feather macro (found on Macros page) will make the feather automatically be put under your feet and give you the speed increase, however 2 binds are recommended (one for the self cast, one for regular cast). This will be your primary pick for any content.

    Recommended talents: Angelic Feather for both dungeons and raids.

    Tier 3 (45)

    Shield DisciplinePassive
    Power Word: SolaceInstant

    Shield Discipline: Makes Power Word: Shield grant 0.5% of your mana when fully absorbed. This talent is mostly outclassed entirely on the mana front by Power Word: Solace when Power Word: Shield is used regularly. However, with Depth of the Shadows making Shadow Mend very powerful, this talent becomes a very bad pick.

    Mindbender: Transforms your Shadowfiend into a Mindbender, lowering its damage significantly and its cooldown down from 3 minutes to only 1 minute. The Mindbender also grants mana on every swing. The mana gained from this is again lower than Power Word: Solace, and while having a pet ability out for every Evangelism is strong, the overall loss from not having the damage and mana from Power Word: Solace is noticeable. With the essence Vision of Perfection, the cooldown of Mindbender at max azerite level is 45 seconds, meaning you can get an extra use between every Evangelism. This build has the potential to be strong, but will be very dependent on the timings of the fight.

    Power Word: Solace: Deals a good amount of damage instantly and returns 1% mana when used. This both does a good amount of damage and returns a solid amount of mana since it also serves as a replacement for a Smite, which technically makes it 1.5% mana per use. As both the best mana and damage choice on this row, you will pick this up in the majority of situations for the majority of content. With high haste (for example during bloodlust) you can fit 2 solaces in a schism, so try to have solace be the first spell you press after a schism if you’re at high haste levels.

    Recommended talents: Power Word: Solace for both dungeons and raids.

    Tier 4 (60)

    Psychic VoicePassive
    Dominant MindPassive
    Shining ForceInstant

    Psychic Voice: Reduces the cooldown of Psychic Scream by 30 seconds. This has some fringe uses as a CC talent, mostly in Mythic+ for interrupts. It has almost no real uses in raiding, but be wary of its potential.

    Dominate Mind: Turns Mind Control into a 2 minute cooldown that makes a target humanoid enemy your pet for 30 seconds. This used to have some cool uses, but any time this is strong it gets nerfed. It’s not recommended for any content since it can’t be used at all for raids and only serves to slow down pulls in Mythic+.

    Shining Force: A targeted knock-back around a target. This spell has had some very impactful uses in the past, but remains to be seen how useful it’ll be in Ny'alotha. This is the only talent with real impact in raids, although still fringe.

    Recommended talent: Shining Force for raids, Psychic Voice/Shining Force for dungeons.

    Tier 5 (75)

    Sins of the ManyPassive
    Shadow CovenantInstant

    Sins of the Many: Increases your damage done by 12%, reduced for every Atonement you have out down to 3%. This is a very solid damage increase, especially on low atonement counts, which you will find yourself at during maintenance healing. Even the 3% damage is also a fair increase to your burst throughput. This will be your go to talent for raiding since it provides relevant throughput increase for both DPS and HPS.

    Contrition: Makes your defensive Penance heal every target with Atonement for a low spell power %. This is basically Blizzard’s attempt to “fix” Discipline priest on encounters when there isn’t any target to hit, like the bridge on Imonar. However, after being heavily nerfed during beta, this talent is practically useless and doesn’t really have any applications.

    Shadow Covenant: A solid instant heal that heals 5 targets for a moderate amount and applies a healing absorb for 50% of the healing provided which lasts 6 seconds or until healed. This talent is mostly for padding, and can provide a significant amount of numbers on the meters. However, the effective healing is half of that because of the heal absorb that generally gets healed off, and you also lose the damage and burst healing increase of Sins of the Many. It’s throughput can be large but i personally don’t think it’s ever really worth taking.

    Recommended talents: Sins of the Many for both dungeons and raids.

    Tier 6 (90)

    Purge the WickedInstant
    Divine StarInstant
    Halo1.5 sec cast

    Purge the Wicked: An upgrade to Shadow Word: Pain, it deals slightly more HPS, lasts longer and now cleaves off the target when hit by Penance, applying a new full duration dot. This is a very good spell on any multi target encounter, since you need to spend less globals applying dots, and when they can cleave the value of the talent skyrockets. This is the general go to talent for raiding and especially dungeons, where you will cleave it on every trash pack you encounter, leading to very high HPS coming from multiple dots.

    Divine Star: Fires off a projectile that travels a short distance before returning to you, healing and damaging targets in its path. Can be a potentially strong talent if you’re constantly stacked up and there aren't multiple targets for Purge the Wicked to cleave off.

    Halo: Fires a ring, healing and damaging targets in a large radius. The first damage hit that the halo does causes atonement healing. This can be quite good if you have no target to cleave purge to.

    Recommended talents: Purge the Wicked for dungeons. Halo or Purge the Wicked for raids, depending on how many targets there are.

    Tier 7 (100)

    Luminous BarrierInstant

    Lenience: Reduces the damage that any ally with Atonement takes by 3%. This is a niche talent for raids, and the primary talent for mythic+. A straight up 3% DR on anyone with atonement can be quite good, but it is mostly outdone by Evangelism’s raw throughput potential as a burst cooldown. This talent has however seen some uses where Evangelism just doesn’t do much - where the damage is in one centered burst that can be healed quickly and the tank damage is high.

    Luminous Barrier: Transforms your Power Word: Barrier into an instant cast that applies a mediocre shield to the entire raid. Throughput wise it’s generally outdone by Evangelism, and total output wise losing Power Word: Barrier is a big hit. This talent is not recommended in raids, and is straight up worse than no talent in Mythic+.

    Evangelism: When used it increases the duration of all Atonements by 6 seconds. This will extend all the Atonements you have out, and should be used as your big burst healing cooldown. This spell provides significant throughput, especially when combined with Shadowfiend. This is your go to pick for raids, but is fairly useless for dungeons.

    Recommended talents: Evangelism for raiding, Lenience for dungeons.