Antique Bronze Bullion (Dinar) Vendor Location in Dragonflight Season 4

Antique Bronze Bullion (Dinar) Vendor Location in Dragonflight Season 4

Written by Tom - 19th April 2024

Dragonflight Season 4 brings the return of a Dinar style currency, similar to what we had in the final Season of Shadowlands.

Antique Bronze Bullion is the new currency for Season 4. We will earn 1 Antique Bronze Bullion a week per character by defeating Awakened bosses, with your total cap increasing by 1 per week, meaning you can catch up to that total amount if you miss a week or decide to play a different character. This weekly and total cap means that your early choices are slightly more important, but that eventually you should have enough to get a variety of items and appearances that the vendors have to offer.

You can exchange Antique Bronze Bullion for any raid weapon, trinket, special item (such as the ring from Eranog in Vault of the Incarnates) or weapon appearances; as well as legendary upgrade items and the Jigglesworth Sr mount from Shadowlands. Weapons and Trinkets cost 2 Bullion, weapon appearances cost 1 Bullion and the Shadowlands mount costs 3 Bullion.

Awakened Gear Upgrade Track Item Levels

These Bullion items will start at item level 493 and level 1 out of 12 (1/12) on the new Awakened upgrade track, meaning that you will be able to upgrade them to the maximum Mythic item level (including the Very Rare items that have a higher max item level than other items) using Awakened Crests and Flightstones.

The table below breaks down the item level for each level on the Season 4 Awakened upgrade track that the Antique Bronze Bullion gear is a part of.

Upgrade Level Item Level
1/12 493
2/12 496
3/12 499
4/12 502
5/12 506
6/12 509
7/12 512
8/12 515
9/12 519
10/12 522
11/12 525
12/12 528

It’s worth noting that Very Rare items have an additional 2 upgrade levels available to them, putting them at a maximum item level of 535.

Where is the Antique Bronze Bullion Vendor Located?

The Season 4 Antique Bronze Bullion vendors are all located in The Parting Glass in Valdrakken (75.0, 46.6).

Antique Bronze Bullion Vendor Location MapAntique Bronze Bullion Vendors

There is a vendor for each raid, with each of the Trinkets and Weapons costing 2 Antique Bronze Bullion to purchase them.

Vendor Items Available
Iszinormi (Dragon) Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Raid Weapons and Trinkets
Iszinormi Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Raid Weapons and Trinkets
Iszy Vault of the Incarnates Raid Weapons and Trinkets
Mirioszin All Raid Weapon Appearances

The raid item vendors are the ones that sell the Evoker Legendary and Fyr’alath (2 Handed Axe) Legendary upgrade items, Scale of Awakening and Scale of Awakening respectively. These items will bring the legendaries up to being a Season 4 gear item at item level 502, and can then be upgraded just like other gear items.

It is also worth mentioning that there is a 4th vendor, Mirioszin, in the corner that sells weapon transmog appearances for 1 Bullion each, and also sells the Shadowlands Fated mount Jigglesworth Sr. for 3 Bullion if you missed out on it last expansion. So there will be plenty to spend your extra Antique Bronze Bullion on throughout the Season.