Starting in World of Warcraft - hilarious fails by Method team members

Starting in World of Warcraft - hilarious fails by Method team members

Everyone that plays World of Warcraft, no matter how experienced they are now, started at the same point. With a level 1 character and absolutely no idea what to do next. Your all time favourite players; some that have been raiding at a world first level since TBC (cough Sco) started at the same point as everyone else. As clueless players.

Below is a collection of stories, whoopsies and hilarious anecdotes from members of Method’s raid and stream team that include ridiculous mistakes they made when they started playing WoW. This serves as a reminder that no matter how far away you think you are from playing with some of the absolute best to ever grace the lands of Azeroth and beyond (and also Grant), you can achieve success with hard work and dedication.

“My first time playing WoW I did not know where to buy skills, I was like 11 years old and could not read english. So I levelled up to around level 12 with my Seal buff and level 1 Judgement” - Cayna

“When I first started out I thought I had to press my interrupt after a spell had already been cast to cancel it out of the air (was playing a Mage at the time)” - Danwarr

“I didn't know you could turn your character on the spot by holding down right mouse click, so in BFA on my hunter I would spin my whole camera around to disengage and if I needed to turn I would always move forward and then step backwards to get back into position. I only learned that you could keep your character on the spot and turn it around during Ny'alotha in BFA and it was Raime (fellow Method Raider)  that told me” - Kwepp

“So, during BC/WotLK I was pressing "need" on items with dodge and parry, even though I wasn’t playing tank, because I thought the more armour there is on a piece of gear, the better it is!” - CruellaDK

“I started in classic as a ret paladin, that was probably silly enough LMAO” - Thaner

“I started playing in WotLK when the talent trees were a little more complex than now. You had 3 different spec trees and just picked your spec by spending talent points in the specific tree you wanted to play. I didn't know that you should just spend all your talent points in one tree to also unlock the good spells at the bottom. So I just had a few points spent in each tree and never got the good spells. I played a "fury warrior" as my first character, and since I never put all talent points in the fury tree I didnt even unlock the ability to be able to wear 2 two-handed weapons. I would say I was not a great damage dealer at that time” - Roiben (the first trispec warrior ever)

“When I started, I didn't understand gear, so I would just put on cloth gear as a plate wearer. Also, I'd walk around in grey items because I thought they looked cool. On top of that, you know Tanaan Jungle? I would log on and spend the next 6 hours trying to kill the rares, I would sit at the flight point and wait for the /Yell and take the path to try and kill it. Nobody told me you could only kill them once.” - Kali

“Probably being told that Enhancement Shamans scale with Strength gear by my buddy when I was levelling in WotLK so I was running around in full strength gear until he realised that wasn't the case anymore in Wrath” - Biff (Raidleader btw)

“My first mistake was not grinding Scarab Lord, I was grinding for Rank 14 at the time so I agreed another officer would take it. RIP my mount, I didn't know I would be playing WoW 17 years later. My second mistake would be losing my cool on the Spine of Deathwing (ANKH ***HOLE)” - Sco

“When I first started in Vanilla back in 2005, I was playing Druid, I thought shapeshifts were close to their IRL equivalent or better than the human form anyway. So I auto-attacked while in Bear Form without doing anything else (since you don't learn feral spells instantly) instead of casting Wrath & stuff, because I thought a bear has to be strong! (ask DiCaprio about that). In the water, I was auto-attacking mobs in Aquatic Form. Yes. All the way from 100% to 0%, minus some healing. I did that for far too many levels before thinking "It's a bit long, isn't it?" - Matt/Heregellas

“The first character I made in Cataclysm was a human warlock. I levelled him through Duskwood and got the quest to go to Stranglethorn. I hadn't traveled far enough south to unlock the part of the map that had the road to stranglehorn on it, and I was too dumb to make the assumption there had to be a land path, so I swam all the way around the coast from Westfall to Stranglethorn.” - Bjartuur

“When I first started playing WoW in Wrath (late in the expansion) I was hanging out on TeamSpeak with the first guild I had (which was obviously a pretty casual one) and I was mostly clicking my spells. WoW was my first PC game, I’d been a controller gamer for a long time before starting WoW and since I was not used to having keybinds at all and I didn't really know my keyboard and where to put my fingers, when it came to the point I had to bind a push to talk key I chose '1'. This key is obviously a very common bind for a filler in a rotation or at least an "easy" key to reach when it comes to choose your basic rotation keybinds.

What's interesting about that is I still have push to talk bound to 1 nowadays and my viewers always tell me that it doesn't make sense (and it actually doesn’t to be fair), so yeah I felt pretty dumb and not optimized, but it is what it is!” - Voci

“I started in classic and I didn’t know you had to repair your gear, so every time my gear would break I would just buy a whole new set. At the time gold wasn’t quite as free as it is now, so a full set of even white gear wasn’t cheap and I had an experienced friend absolutely shocked that the gold he kept giving me was just disappearing. I probably spent hundreds on white pieces instead of just a few gold on repairs!” - Grant

We hope that you enjoyed reading these as much as we did. If you have any memories of your own, share them with us on Twitter.

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