Method Claim the Silver in Gfinitly Elite Season 4 Overall Rankings

Method Claim the Silver in Gfinitly Elite Season 4 Overall Rankings

The fourth installment of the Gfinity Elite Series is behind us and Method had our best season yet! The final franchise standings are in and our amazing players have brought the organization up into second place overall, trailing only Fnatic out of the 10 teams that competed this year. With a first, second and fifth finish by our teams, we're extremely proud of all our players for putting in so much effort and claiming some of the top honors.

Led by our Rocket League champions who made it all the way to the top and conquered Fnatic themselves in the grand finals, Boris "Borito B" Pieper, Rix "Rix_Ronday" Ronday and Andy "Kassio" Landais claimed the gold medal and finished season 4 in the best way possible. We can't forget the rest of the team that also helped out throughout the season, namely Rymel "Mye_bipod_4shor" Hanson, Nathan "Chupo" Johnson and Conor Frank "Zee9" Scannell. For a full recap of the Rocket League season, head on over here.

The FIFA 19 team just barely missed out on the gold as well, as they were edged out by AS Roma Fnatic in the grand finals with Owen "Venny" Venn and Kamil "Riptorek" Soszyński being only 1 game away from the top spot. Let's not forget how they got to the grand final, however, starting off in the group stages with only one win that that secured them qualification for the finals at the Gfinity Arena in London.

Venny and Riptorek faced Hashtag United in the quarters and were able to take them down 4:3 and moved on to win the semifinal over Team EnVy 8:2 as well. In the final itself they had to face the last season champs from AS Roma Fnatic and it was a really tough and close game.

The duo managed to claw back after trailing 0-1 in games and 0-2 in goals in game 2 to tie it all up, but were missing that little extra to take the third and final game and the trophy. Still huge congratulations to not only Venny and Riptorek, but also Tom "Delee" Delee, Gary "Magee" Magee and Jake "Cruyff" Birch for making it to the grand finals and securing the silver medal.

The Street Fighter V part of the finals didn't go quite as well, with the team falling in the quarter finals, following in what seems to be the season 4 tradition for all our other teams, aka having to face Fnatic in their final game. And so Marcus "Packz" Parker, Robert "Broski" Livingstone, Sean "Imstilldadaddy" Dench, Joseph "Bongchan" Mann, Jordan "Quiggy" Quigg and Gabriel "Real Menace" Lawal made it to 5th place and helped bring Method to the overall 2nd spot in Gfinity Elite Season 4!

All our teams did extremely well and it took all their combined efforts to get Method to that second place. This season of the Gfinity Elite Series was truly amazing and after this level of performance from not only our teams but everyone that participated in the event, it was a pleasure to watch and we can't even express how much we are looking forward to season 5!

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