Where to get the Nascent Aspect's, Wyrm's and Whelpling's Dreaming Crest

Where to get the Nascent Aspect's, Wyrm's and Whelpling's Dreaming Crest

Written by Paul - 23rd November 2023

You may find yourself going to recraft or craft yourself a new item in Season 3 and not knowing where to get Nascent Aspect’s Dreaming Crest, one of the main components of the higher item-level craft. Similar to the previous season, you can increase the baseline item level of your crafted gear by using an Enchanted reagent, which is created by Enchanters (via crafting orders if you don’t have Enchanting on your character).

This season’s enchanted item level enhancers are:

  • Enchanted Aspect's Dreaming Crest (473-486)
  • Enchanted Wyrm's Dreaming Crest (463-476)
  • Enchanted Whelpling's Dreaming Crest (434-447)

In order to craft these, you require a non-enchanted crest (of the correct rank): Nascent Aspect's Dreaming Crest, Nascent Wyrm's Dreaming Crest or a Nascent Whelpling's Dreaming Crest.

enchanted aspects dreaming crest crafting order

In Dragonflight Season 2, you would create the non-enchanted crests by combining 15 Shadowflame crests (dropped from content such as Dungeons and Raids) from within your inventory.

However, in Season 3, Blizzard helped clean up your bag space and moved the crests into your currency tab instead. You now use that currency to purchase the Dreaming Crests from the Enchanting Supplies Vendor (Andoris) in Valdrakken.

currency tab dreaming crests

Note: The Crests currency that drop from content have a weekly cap (the total cap increases each week), so during the early stages of the Season, remember to be more mindful of what you spend them on.

Where to buy the Nascent Aspect’s Dreaming Crest

The vendor you can buy the Nascent Aspect, Wyrm and Whelpling Dreaming Crests from is Andoris, the Enchanting Supplies vendor in Valdrakken. They are located just below the crafting orders, at the Enchanting profession stalls.

Andoris Vendor Location Andoris Vendor Location Map

Andoris has the following items available for purchase:

Item Cost
Nascent Whelpling's Dreaming Crest 30 Whelpling’s Dreaming Crest
Nascent Wyrm's Dreaming Crest 45 Wyrm’s Dreaming Crest
Nascent Aspect's Dreaming Crest 60 Aspect’s Dreaming Crest
Empowered Flightstone 150 Flighstone

We hope that this helped you quickly find what you needed to move forward with crafting some new gear to take on the exciting new content released in Season 3 of Dragonflight!