List of all Plunderstorm Renown Rewards (Keg Leg's Crew)

List of all Plunderstorm Renown Rewards (Keg Leg's Crew)

Written by Method - 23rd March 2024

Plunderstorm is a limited time Battle Royale game mode for World of Warcraft. The only requirement to access it is an active World of Warcraft subscription. The game mode is separate from your existing characters, no gear or level catch up required, so it’s a great time to fly your Parrot into battle and earn some great rewards in Retail World of Warcraft and Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

The rewards available are unlocked by progressing through the Keg Leg's Crew Renown levels. There are 40 renown levels in total, with every level granting its own reward or rewards, including Transmog, Mounts, Traders Tender and Battle Pets. These rewards are unlocked in World of Warcraft and Wrath of the Lich King Classic, depending on the respective reward.

plunderstorm renown track level 39 rewards

How to Earn Plunder

You earn Plunder from most activities in Plunderstorm, killing non-player enemies, killing other players, looting chests, completing a daily and per-match quest and for winning the match (being the last player or duo alive).

Bonus Sources of Plunder:

  • Daily Quest (once per day): Grants 800 Plunder for completing the first captain’s orders quest of the day (first World Quest of the day)
  • World Quest (once per match): Grants 250 Plunder
  • Winning the match (being the last player or duo alive): Grants 500 Plunder

How to Farm Plunder

Farming plunder quickly is important for both being competitive in Plunderstorm matches, but also to unlock Keg Leg's Crew Renown Rewards. There are a few things to keep in mind and focus on to increase your Plunder gained per match, read more in our How to Farm Plunder in Plunderstorm article!

Breakdown of all Keg Leg's Crew Renown Rewards

The table below provides the list of rewards unlocked by Renown level, each renown level requires 2,500 Plunder, with a maximum renown level of 40.

Some of these rewards also unlock Plunderstorm transmog appearances for your Pirate, you can apply the appearances in the match waiting area by speaking with Da’kash Grimledger before the game begins.

Level Reward Type Reward
1 Transmog Deadly Dagger
2 Transmog & Title (Plunderstorm) Swabbie's Gloves and "Swabbie" Title (Plunderstorm)
3 Transmog Surefooted Boots
4 Transmog Quilted Breeches
5 Transmog & Vendor in Retail Calcified Claymore and access is unlocked to a Keg Leg's Crew vendor in the Retail version of World of Warcraft, called Da’kash Grimledger (see our Keg Leg's Crew Vendor article).
6 Transmog & Battle Pet Spun Cotton Shirt and Happy
7 Transmog Skulker's Cloak
8 Transmog Copper Cannon
9 Transmog Warm Woolen Cap
10 Mount & Title (Plunderstorm) Silver Tidestallion (Dragonflight) and "Swashbuckler" Title (Plunderstorm)
11 Battle Pets Bubbles (Dragonflight) and Pinchy (Classic)
12 Transmog Swindler's Cutouts
13 Transmog Blacksteel Saber
14 Transmog Silent Leathers
15 Transmog Handwoven Trousers
16 Transmog & Toy Marvelous Multi-Shot and the Swarthy Warning Sign toy (Dragonflight)
17 Transmog Fine Crimson Doublet & Snazzy Swabbie outfit (Plunderstorm)
18 Transmog Bloody Iron Cleaver
19 Transmog Weatherproven Drape
20 Mount & Title (Plunderstorm) Royal Seafeather and "Buccaneer" Title (Plunderstorm)
21 Transmog Storm Captain's Hat
22 Transmog Plunderlord's Gilded Sigil
23 Transmog Plunderlord's Cuffs
24 Trader’s Tender & Pepe Appearance 250 Trader’s Tender (collected from the Collector’s Cache in Orgrimmar or Stormwind) and A Tiny Plumed Tricorne (Pepe Appearance)
25 Transmog Plunderlord's Golden Cinch
26 Transmog Plunderlord's Pilferers
27 Transmog Plunderlord's Neck-Severer
28 Transmog Plunderlord's Muckscrapers
29 Transmog Plunderlord's Fancy Trousers
30 Battle Pet & Title (Plunderstorm) Glamrok and "First Mate" Title (Plunderstorm)
31 Transmog Plunderlord's Fine Rapier
32 Transmog Plunderlord's Hand Cannon
33 Trader’s Tender 500 Trader’s Tender (collected from the Collector’s Cache in Orgrimmar or Stormwind)
34 Transmog Plunderlord's Waistcoat
35 Transmog Plunderlord's Drapery
36 Transmog Plunderlord's Silver Cutlass
37 Transmog Plunderlord's Tassled Spaulders & Strapping Swabbie outfit (Plunderstorm)
38 Transmog Plunderlord's Tricorne of Admiralty and Plunderlord's Monocle
39 Mount The Polly Roger dragonriding mount (Dragonflight) and Polly Roger mount (Wrath Classic).
40 Title and Transmog “Plunderlord” Title (Dragonflight) and Plunderlord's Tabard

Rewards for a First Place finish in Plunderstorm

There are also two rewards that are earned when you are the final player (or duo) in the match. Those rewards are:

  • Temporary Tabard appearance for your Plunderstorm Pirate (lasts for the next match after your win). Similar Transmog appearances to this are also unlocked at renown 38 and 40 in Dragonflight.
  • Plunder Wonder Feat of Strength Achievement in Dragonflight.

Good luck and hopefully this article and the list of rewards available gave you the motivation to play some Plunderstorm!

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