Devastation Evoker talents guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 27th Jan, 2023
Tokaine Devastation Evoker Author

Class Talents

So the Evoker class talent tree has a ton of situational talents. This is the main path I’d recommend running as a general cookie cutter. Most of these talents are not replaceable; for example, the extra Hover duration and charge are vital in making Evoker flow smoothly.

Some of the situational talents which can be swapped around are:

Unravel - If you’re fighting any mob with a shield, you will need to take this as this ability is by far our hardest-hitting ability, but it can only be used against shields. We must always take Unravel, Protracted Talons, or Oppressing Roar as we always want to have Leaping Flames.

Cauterizing Flame - This is another talent you can opt into taking if you feel like you need more utility in debuff removal; this will most likely be mandatory in M+.

Terror of the Skies - If your group is pretty light on the AoE stuns, this might be a good talent to take in M+ just to add a bit of extra utility to your kit.

Talent Builds

Single Target


This is your pure ST build. Catalyze, Shattering Star, and Focusing Iris are some of the more impactful talents in this build. The reason Catalyze is so important is due to the talent further down called Burnout, as this makes fire breath tick 100% faster which will lead to more Burnout procs overall, granting us instant cast Living Flame.

2 Target Cleave


This build is almost identical to your ST build. You simply swap out Focusing Iris for Eternity’s Span. This makes it so your Shattering Star and Eternity Surges you cast and get for free from Scintillation will hit both targets.



This build is what I’d recommend for M+. It utilizes Pyre a lot more and is focused on a more AoE-heavy build. Our ST does suffer with this but not that much, we will still do decent ST, but our AoE will be way stronger. Some of the key talents which make this build good are Onyx Legacy, Charged Blast, and Volatility. A combination of all 3 of these talents really amplifies Evoker AoE output.